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After finance cyber threat actors turning to healthcare

Financial data, such as payment card information, has many established markets. The going price for a single record of information, full package of an individual’s identifying information, with names, social security numbers, birth dates, and account numbers — ranges between $14 to more than $25 per record. Less established sellers have low introductory prices. Intel […]

Cybercrime now influencing choice of a nation’s leader

To say that the 2016 US Presidential election cycle has been unusual would be an understatement for a number of reasons. As a security professional, what stands out is the steady stream of cyber security-related incidents, particularly when compared to the US elections of 2012 and 2008. We have all read multiple reports of high-profile […]

IoT vendors can no longer ignore security compliance

On 4 November 2016, it was reported that the entire internet infrastructure of the African nation of Liberia had been knocked off-line after it was targeted by hackers using the same weapon that caused the largest cyberattack in history only last month. The attack on Dynamic Network Services Dyn, a New Hampshire-based Domain Name Server […]

Right storage strategy as critical as data strategy

Data storage is as old as written language itself. We may use silicon microchips now, but once upon a time, data storage meant writing information by hand onto scrolls of parchment. Floppy disks and hard disk drives are more recent examples, but they too were usurped once a better alternative came along. This progress was […]

Mitigating BYOD security threats

The concept of bring your own device BYOD continues to be a growing trend for businesses around the world and the Middle East is certainly not lagging behind. The region is notably an early adopter of the most innovative technology trends with BYOD being no exception. BYOD, which essentially means that employees bring their own […]

Mobile tickets soon the norm at spectator events

The rapid growth in smartphone usage is set to increase with the advent of electronic ticketing for sporting and entertainment events. Mobile ticketing is nothing new, especially in the transport industry where users are choosing to travel with electronic tickets and shunning traditional paper tickets. This change is set to be adopted by the sporting […]

Enterprises responsible for their cloud security

Security has long been the principal fear that weighs on cloud investments. While perceptions are improving, Intel Security’s recent State of Cloud Adoption study found that data breaches remain the biggest concern of companies deploying Software as a service, Infrastructure as a service, and even private cloud models. A 2015 survey by Crowd Research Partners […]

Improving enterprise log-ons with tap authentication

With the move to a mobile and cloud first world, corporate data has become increasingly difficult to protect. Employees’ expectations have changed too, they want to be able to access corporate cloud applications, data and services anywhere, at any time, using the device of their choice. This can potentially make networks significantly more vulnerable to […]

New technologies driving IT and business alignment

It was not too long ago that technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data analytics were little more than futuristic concepts whose true potential was largely unknown. Fast forward to today, however, and they have become a core part of modern IT. Yes, the degree of adoption may vary, but these four pillars […]

Ease of self-service tomorrow’s differentiator

The essence of customer service can be traced to time immemorial. On the other hand, the method of delivery of the customer service experience needs to be continually updated to match the desires and expectations of an ever-changing customer base and that is why we believe that the customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption […]

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