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FinOps teams can accelerate cloud business value

Cloud financial management or FinOps has existed as a department within IT consultancies and vendors but now accelerating cloud value requires the right skillset and requires individuals who can architect and manage the cloud course, from compliance to CFO, says Martin Hosken at VMware. Over the last decade, the cloud debate has been dominated by […]

Will 2024 be boom time for managed service providers?

Small and medium-sized enterprises now consider technology an integral part of their business and want to harness technology to drive productivity and will therefore be looking for MSPs to help them achieve those 2024 goals says Fred Voccola and Greg Jones at Kaseya. Managed service providers, MSPs who provide IT and security solutions to small […]

How will the global cyber landscape evolve in 2024

Unfortunately, the cyber threat landscape continues to intensify. The last half of 2023 saw increases in volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Novel attack pathways will develop; and socially engineered intrusions will increase in number. The most significant threats are those that are linked to the location of the victim. Often these attacks will originate from […]

AI embedded attacks on data will increase in 2024 says Veritas

In 2024, cybercriminals will embrace AI initiating the era of autonomous ransomware attacks and will commence with robocall-like automation, AI-driven target identification, breach execution, victim extortion, ransom collection, with minimal human interaction says Johnny Karam at Veritas. With a heightened emphasis on investment in talent and technology, UAE businesses are expressing confidence in their ability […]

Augmented Reality an opportunity for channel to generate business value

Widely regarded as an immersive entertainment tool, augmented reality is increasingly becoming an integral part of the enterprise digital transformation journey, explains Simran Bagga, at Omnix International. For most business decision makers in enterprises, there really is no divide between virtual reality and augmented reality. They believe that such immersive experiences require an all-encompassing headset […]

Automation driving data opportunities for channel in 2024

The channel will need to guarantee quality of data their customers use to drive AI-powered analytics and automation and customers will continue to turn to the channel for solutions that enable more intelligent automation and faster decision making, according to Michael Allen at Dynatrace. With the ongoing boom of AI, in 2024 the channel will […]

Is your business ready to recover from ransomware?

Getting hit by ransomware is almost inevitable for the modern enterprise, with 85% organisations experiencing at least one cyber-attack in 2022, and as cybercriminals increasingly target data backups, the road to recovery can be a long one, explains Rick Vanover at Veeam Software. Ransomware has dominated the security conversation in recent years. But despite this, […]

Why cyber insurance is helping enterprises adopt best practices

The rise of ransomware has developed the perception that, in the event of a cyberattack attack, there is a risk that payouts will exceed revenues, making insurers more judicious about taking on a customer along with a lengthy list of caveats, explains Mohammad Ismail at Delinea. As the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks has increased, […]

Transformation must be based on authentic user experiences

IT teams must shift their mindsets to journey-based services by using experience level agreements or XLAs, rather than relying on meeting IT service level agreements, explains Charbel Khneisser at Riverbed Technology. Experience-level agreements, XLAs, sometimes known as ELAs are a variation of service-level agreements, SLAs that focus on the end-user experience. Whether that end-user is […]

Managed services partners must leverage cloud to differentiate

Channel partners operating as MSPs must adopt a suitable cloud platform that addresses their customer’s needs and delivers high quality services with inbuilt tools and resources says Mostafa Kabel Abouhaswa at Mindware. Managed services and managed security services present a significant growth opportunity for channel partners looking to expand their offerings and tap into new […]

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