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How can vendors and end-users get the best out of their partnerships?

One of the challenges that modern CISOs face is knowing where to channel investment. And given that are many vendors, often offering similar services, choosing a provider or product can be difficult. A good vendor-end-user relationship based on trust and long-term partnerships is crucial. We asked three industry experts how vendors and end-users can get […]

Customer success is ‘the formula for exponential growth’

In the era of Digital Transformation and the subscription economy, Michelle Bisset, Vice President, Customers for Life at Sage Africa & Middle East, says that technology companies can only succeed when their customers do. The rapid shift towards cloud computing and software as-a-service purchasing models is freeing technology buyers from vendor lock-in, upfront payments, long […]

Finesse COO Sunil Paul on the future of predictive analytics for deeper insights

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder and COO of Finesse, a Global Digital Transformation Company, which provides Analytics and BI Solutions to organisations across industries, talks about the potential for predictive analytics to produce deeper insights to drive specific business outcomes. Can present and past experiences provide a window into the future? It is an open debate on […]

Nexign expert on Blockchain being the future of telecoms

Ahmad Sayed, Regional Head and VP Sales, Middle East and Africa at Nexign, looks at the benefits of investing in Blockchain technology. Blockchain is now, decidedly, not a fad. It has reshaped several industries worldwide, including here in the Arab Gulf region. In Dubai alone, initiatives around Blockchain are proceeding at a heady pace. In […]

SAP Africa expert on the benefits of investing in Blockchain technology

Darrel Orsmond, Financial Services Industry Head at SAP Africa, looks at the benefits in investing in Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will enable financial transactions to take place quicker and provide an undisputed version of the truth for all parties to a transaction. This has fundamental consequences for the way the financial services industry operates. However, […]

Four strategic tips to avoid being the next data breach headline

Arcserve Southern Africa has urged South African businesses to take a proactive approach to Business Continuity and Data Recovery (BCDR) or risk becoming the next data breach headline. “In today’s digital world, the issues of data privacy and data security are sources of significant concern for organisations,” said Byron Horn-Botha, Arcserve Southern Africa, Lead: Channel […]

Help AG CTO on the security challenges when embracing new technologies

Nicolai Solling, CTO at Help AG, on what the security challenges are when embracing new technologies. New technologies are a beautiful thing but of course come with a security price. Arguably, in the last 20 years, there is probably no area that has had a greater impact on our professional and personal lives than IT- […]

Pure Storage expert on dispelling AI myths

Matthieu Brignone, Head of EMEA Channel and Alliances at Pure Storage, talks about how partners can help enterprises dispel some of the myths around Artificial Intelligence. Data is a catalyst for growth and innovation, with the power to transform the way a business operates and how it serves its customers. In fact, data is so […]

Nutanix Channel Manager on security challenges when embracing new technologies

What are the security challenges when embracing new technologies? By Bassam AlMasri, Sr. Manager Channel, Nutanix – Middle East It is a well-established fact an increasing number of enterprises across the globe are embracing cloud computing. Whether an enterprise is using a public, private or hybrid cloud model, cloud security is unquestionably one of the […]

RBBi co-founder Amol Kadam on the digital and transformation trends for 2019

Amol Kadam, Co-Founder of RBBi, looks at this year’s digital trends The discussion of ‘Digital Transformation’ or ‘Technology Transformation’ started more than a decade ago. But many believed that transformation purely revolves around technology, but 2018 showed that this trend would end at some point. If you think about technology in isolation, the transformation will […]

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