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Transformation in regional retail channels

The retail landscape has since been diversified from the time of souks to online stores. At its core, retail is always defined by customer relationship and experience. Through the years, this foundation has not changed. What constantly changed are the ways by which retail established a customer relationship. In 2017, technological advances will propel small […]

Why databases of today cannot support demands of digital transformation

Rapid onslaught of digital technologies and growth in digital communities have prompted IT managers to look beyond traditional ERP frameworks to what is next. Business and enterprise applications have relied on databases to store information and process it for results and inferences. But the architecture of databases used over the last decade have been used […]

Overview of networking technologies used to build IoT solutions

The ability to connect machines, devices, sensors, and other everyday things into an intelligent network and make sense out of them, has huge promises to change everyday life. As can be expected by taking in our entire world and attempting to change it one stroke and with one magic wand is unrealistic, challenging and cause […]

How Pure Storage intends to continue disrupting data, databases, analytics

When we started Pure Storage in 2009, we laid-out a bold but simple plan. We saw the coming of flash technology as an opportunity to re-think storage entirely, and we used flash as an opportunity to build a new class of smart storage solutions, focusing our innovation in three key areas: #1 Build affordable all-flash […]

How organisational culture can destroy its digital conversion

We have been told to hire young people. We have been told we need new technology. We have been told that most organisations do not want it. Middle East businesses are awash with opinion, much of it misguided, regarding digitalisation and the foundations needed to implement it. First, let us dispel falsehoods. Digitalisation does not […]

Three classical data challenges your business may face and its solutions

Travelling through Dubai’s rush hour traffic recently, I was reminded of the idea that a city cannot build its way out of congestion. As the theory goes, creating more roads does not solve the issue of traffic, because extra supply only increases demand. This just means more vehicles, more disruption, and more frustration. Economists call […]

Citizens also have a role to play in smart cities

A major technological breakthrough is not often recognised instantly. When considering the major developments such as mobile phone technology, GPS, for example, we can reflect in many cases that the true significance of these accomplishments were not fully grasped at the time. This analogy could apply to smart cities. We have all heard of smart […]

Why designing your data storage architecture is important

Businesses should start paying more attention to data storage as part of their data strategy. As I see it, the cooler analytical tools we use to extract insights from data, which is the new natural resource and get most of the love, seem directly responsible for driving business value. But while they do have an […]

Top five networking trends across 2017

A look at the top five trends in networking technologies that are of relevance for regional channel partners. Software defined networking The move to software defined everything will continue in 2017, and some of the biggest disruptors in the networking market will be Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Wide Area Networks, and Software Defined Datacentre. […]

Reducing the underbanked community through mobile banking

As the financial structures in the Gulf’s different economies continue to develop, with governments and financial institutions identifying new ways to tackle financial problems there is a critical need to understand the concept of financial inclusion. The Gulf is a diverse region, home to a large number of expatriate workers, especially lower income individuals working […]

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