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New technologies driving IT and business alignment

It was not too long ago that technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data analytics were little more than futuristic concepts whose true potential was largely unknown. Fast forward to today, however, and they have become a core part of modern IT. Yes, the degree of adoption may vary, but these four pillars […]

Ease of self-service tomorrow’s differentiator

The essence of customer service can be traced to time immemorial. On the other hand, the method of delivery of the customer service experience needs to be continually updated to match the desires and expectations of an ever-changing customer base and that is why we believe that the customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption […]

Customer experience outweighing brand experience

Nobody can deny that we are now in the age of the customer. Through online and mobile channels they are well informed and this information allows them to compare and choose the most convenient provider or vendor. If they are not happy, they can easily change. Today, customers have control and companies are changing their […]

Datacentre traffic driving innovative cabling solutions

Over the next three years, cloud, video and the Internet of Things are set to influence the industrial sector to an extent never before seen by the market. The increase in data traffic means that datacentres will have to invest in higher performance network architectures and in the consolidation of their infrastructures. According to current […]

Gartner’s top ten strategies for security professionals

Today’s security professionals battle threats from outside the organisations well as those from their own employees. But what about threats that they already know exist? The next few years will see a variety of attacks as well as progress in the technologies and processes that prevent them. The top strategic planning assumptions for security in […]

A cyber attack is a street fight

A successful cyber attack can shut down operations, not just for a few hours, but for days and weeks. The collateral damage, such as information leaks, reputational damage and so on, can continue for much longer. Organisations realise that more cyber attacks are to be expected in the future, and that they will grow in […]

Aligning business growth with employee satisfaction

When a business experiences sudden growth, it creates a myriad of emotions from joy and excitement to dread and fear. The progressive mind-set that stimulates growth can inadvertently cause us to be less sensitive to the negative emotions that might emerge as a result. Because we are creatures of habit, it is probably not surprising […]

Mobile access jargon you need to know

As companies merge security and convenience at the door by transforming smartphones and other mobile devices into trusted, easy-to-use digital credentials that can replace keys and smart cards, there are certain things to consider when choosing a mobile access solution. To be certain the solution works with the latest smartphone technologies and is able to […]

CIO thinking for the digital era

Would you be comfortable allowing your staff to pick their projects and their managers? For CIOs fighting to find digitally acute talent, this approach could make the difference in winning and retaining staff. Digital leaders understand that what motivates top-notch talent today goes beyond financial rewards. Jing Wang, Senior Vice President at Baidu, the Chinese […]

Sustainable innovation in automotive manufacturing and urban mobility

New concepts in personal transport built on digital technologies could reduce the amount of cars needed on urban roads globally by up to 20 million vehicles per year in 2025, offering huge sustainability benefits and an improved experience for travellers. These are some of the key findings of new research published by BT and Frost […]

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