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Building internal firewalls to curb insider attacks

Traditionally cyberattacks on corporate networks have come from outside the organisation. With the growing usage of personal mobile devices and the rise of the Internet of Things, the danger now comes from within. The world moves swiftly, the IT security world even more so. Just a couple of years ago, securing the enterprise would basically […]

Leveraging video communication to boost productivity in enterprises

Unified collaborative communication is key for enabling businesses across all industries to boost their productivity. Today, flexibility is a consideration for existing employees and potential employees when assessing a workplace – they increasingly look for mobile and remote working opportunities especially in global organisations. It has been estimated that close to a billion of the […]

Three classical data challenges your business may face and its solutions

Travelling through Dubai’s rush hour traffic recently, I was reminded of the idea that a city cannot build its way out of congestion. As the theory goes, creating more roads does not solve the issue of traffic, because extra supply only increases demand. This just means more vehicles, more disruption, and more frustration. Economists call […]

Why you need to plan for all-flash storage tomorrow

Hard disks have had a fantastic run by any measure, happily spinning in datacentres across the globe. However, it is likely nearing its conclusion, at least for most primary data storage use cases. There is no denying that flash media is on its way to becoming the dominant technology in primary storage, especially with the […]

How to build an availability solution for remote offices

We have all heard about fantastic new datacentre technologies, but all too often it looks like these technologies only seem to apply to the largest organisations with a wealth of centralised resources. Because data does not just live in the datacentre, we often face daily challenges when data is put to use in the field […]

Building tomorrow’s IoT applications using three layer model

The Internet of Things is changing business IT and holds great potential for companies. By analysing data from networked devices, they can automate their business processes, increase productivity and lower costs. This requires a scalable, reliable and secure IT infrastructure, which should be based on standardised components and protocols and operate on three different layers: […]

Replacing that card based access with a mobile one

Physical access control is a key component of many organisations and can be used for anything, from opening doors to car parks, buildings, secure rooms or even accessing computer files. Much of the technology and systems have remained the same over the past twenty years, but as technology is developing, security providers are increasingly turning […]

Can’t get application delivery controllers right? Here are ten tips

Application Delivery Controllers are networking devices that reside in the datacentre and serve as a key part of an application delivery network. With the explosion in Internet traffic, business applications, and the number of Internet-enabled devices, application delivery controllers provide the front-end intelligence that supplements and enhances business application flows. In addition to traditional load […]

Why AIM systems will now be included in cabling procurement

Automated infrastructure management systems are not new. They have been around in one shape or form since the early nineties. They also polarise opinion in the structured cabling world like possibly nothing else. The range of opinions is extreme. At one end are those who will pay almost any premium to have what they see […]

What’s wrong with software licensing today and how to fix it

Today’s software end users are increasingly connected and mobile. In addition, they’re looking to have software delivered to them as a service on the device of their choice, and they only want to pay for what they use. These changes and others are fundamentally shifting the way software vendors conduct business. The growth of cloud […]

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