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Tackling network woes from home: The new standard for modern IT teams due to the pandemic

Jacob Chacko, Regional Business Head – Middle East, Saudi and South Africa (MESA) at HPE Aruba, explains what the hot technology talking point of the second half of 2020 will be. According to a Gartner analysis on the future of work trends 2020, the global pandemic has forever changed how organisations approach and view remote […]

Honeywell launches intelligent heads-up display with voice augmented reality

Honeywell announced a handsfree, wearable technology that allows industrial workers to more safely, reliably and efficiently accomplish their tasks in the plant or the field. Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Intelligent Wearables uses a head-mounted visual display that responds to voice and brings live data, documents, work procedures, as well as health and safety information […]

Pros and cons of outsourcing your organisation’s security events management

Any cyber security service is based on three core pillars of security operations which are people, process and technology. It is a known fact that Security Information and Event Management or SIEM is a complex technology and requires skilled resources to implement and manage. In addition, SIEM loses its value if alerts are not fine-tuned […]

How security vendors are moving away from using decision trees to deep learning

The recent replacement of the decision-making tree with deep-learning neural networks to build tomorrow’s cyber security solutions, promises to be a significant differentiator amongst security vendors. Analytical tools usually in the realm of artificial intelligence and machine-learning take into consideration user profiles, user behavior, normal business, to establish thresholds for normal and abnormal behavior. This […]

Can the cloud be used to boost artificial intelligence and security solutions

Organisations face a growing number of increasingly complex and ever-evolving threats – and the most dangerous threats are often the hardest to discover. Take the insider threat or stolen credentials, for example. We have seen many high-profile attacks stem from the unauthorised use of legitimate user credentials, which can be extremely difficult to expose. The […]

Using integration middleware to unravel legacy applications and siloed data

Today, organisations are acutely aware of the need to become more digital in order to stay competitive and serve customers in new ways. We have entered an era of agile development practices, hybrid technology footprints and a resulting API economy. This all holds great promise, but as an upshot IT teams are coming under increasing […]

Relooking at CISO operational metrics using automated detection and response

CISOs have become leaders in their businesses rather than just experts in their departments. They need to educate their peers on the scope, scale, severity and solutions for cybersecurity and how emerging threats affect each aspect of the business, elevate the cybersecurity discussion out of the trenches of speeds, feeds and fingerprints and finally report […]

How IoT will make buildings intelligent by connecting systems to the Internet

The Internet of Things is getting a lot of attention these days. A reason is the size of the economic activity generated – as much as $11.1 trillion by 2025 in an analysis from the McKinsey Global Institute. According to McKinsey Global, the IoT economic impact on factories, retail settings, work sites, offices and homes […]

Ten personal technologies and how they can affect your business

PREDICTIONS 2018 With all the personal technology currently available, it can be difficult for businesses to decipher which represent an opportunity for end customers and which are too immature to warrant any attention. But when used correctly, these technologies can have big business impact. For example, Mastercard recently revealed card with fingerprint authentication embedded in […]

Exploiting data breaches

High profile data breaches are regularly in the news and, seemingly, businesses are losing the battle to protect their intellectual property (IP), corporate and customer data from the threats posed by professional cybercriminals. It is no surprise that financial gain is the single biggest motivator for cyberattacks. The 2016, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report […]

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