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Honeywell launches intelligent heads-up display with voice augmented reality

Honeywell launches intelligent heads-up display with voice augmented reality

The new technology uses the latest in handsfree mobile computing, augmented reality, IIOT and mobility software.

Honeywell announced a handsfree, wearable technology that allows industrial workers to more safely, reliably and efficiently accomplish their tasks in the plant or the field. Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight Intelligent Wearables uses a head-mounted visual display that responds to voice and brings live data, documents, work procedures, as well as health and safety information into view. It also connects field workers with remote experts in real time.

The new technology uses the latest in handsfree mobile computing, augmented reality, IIOT and mobility software. It combines the RealWear HMT-1Z1 handsfree wearable computer with Honeywell’s Moviliser platform, cloud-based workflow solution, to support field service operations, specifically in hazardous locations. With the new solution, field workers can assimilate valuable skills and knowledge while working.

“This new Honeywell Connected Plant technology offers industrial workers the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are,” said Youssef Mestari, Programme Director, Honeywell Connected Plant. “That means workers carry with them decades of relevant expertise that is accessible at any time by simple voice activation. This makes this solution a particular good fit for industrial workers who have an affinity for technology and who need more physical freedom to efficiently accomplish their work.”

Skills Insight Intelligent Wearables offers several key features:

  • Operator task automation
    Guided work instruction and procedures plus visualisation of documents to facilitate field work.
  • Visualisation of live data
    Real-time IIOT data made available to the field worker.
  • Video capture and playback
    Learning on-demand and on-site through playback of video, captured by expert operators working on similar tasks, searchable using voice.
  • Expert on call
    Instant access to remote experts via video chat, who can see what the field worker sees, and can provide advice, share documents, or annotate the video feed.
  • Geo-localisation, navigation and asset visualisation
    Locates a field operator in the plant and provides navigation and visualisation as required for a task.
  • Rapid emergency evacuation
    Locates workers in the plant and guides them to an assembly point using geo-localisation.
  • Man-down assistance
    Detects a man-down, identifying the location and notifying the emergency team for assistance.



“RealWear’s 100% handsfree, rugged head-mounted computing platform is the world’s first to achieve the Zone 1, Class 1, Division 1 level of intrinsically safe certification,” said Sanjay Jhawar, Co-founder and President of RealWear. “Together with Honeywell’s software and services we enable digital transformation that drives higher productivity and safety for people working in hazardous locations and across the industrial sector.”

Honeywell Connected Plant is a suite of applications that delivers higher levels of safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability. These proven industry solutions are based on decades of domain knowledge and controls experience. They turn data into actionable insight so industrial manufacturers can optimise operations, predict plant failures and eliminate unplanned downtime. This new level of consistent high performance makes every day the best day of production.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100, software-industrial company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace and automotive products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; and performance materials globally.

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