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Exploiting data breaches

High profile data breaches are regularly in the news and, seemingly, businesses are losing the battle to protect their intellectual property (IP), corporate and customer data from the threats posed by professional cybercriminals. It is no surprise that financial gain is the single biggest motivator for cyberattacks. The 2016, the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report […]

Four ways to become master of your cloud data

Early Tuesday a public cloud had an issue and many IT departments got the call they do not want: Our website is down, ecommerce is down. What else is affected? What are you going to do about it and when? Just after noon US Eastern Standard Time, the Amazon Simple Storage Service, cloud storage buckets in US-East-1 […]

How document capture is boosting digital transformation

Whilst it is a commonly held belief that reducing and removing paper is a best practice, we are still a long way from becoming a paper-free world. 25% of the businesses polled in the AIIM Paper-Free in 2016, Are we there yet? Report, indicated that they run a totally paper-free environment, a mere 7% increase […]

Getting around those weak passwords in an organisation

Hackers got hold of over one billion identities last year, as data breach incidents just kept on escalating. If ever a statistic highlighted the failure of current approaches to protect corporate systems, it is this one. In fact, two-thirds of organisations have experienced an average of five breaches over the past two years, according to […]

Six tips to make your cloud journey successful

Today, cloud is a well-known buzzword with leading business executives and business decision makers. However, initiating an end-to-end cloud journey for an organisation, as a first step into digital transformation, is a more challenging task. An organisation’s cloud journey involves strong interplay between heads of business and IT decision makers as well as senior management. […]

Havelock AHI implements Epicor ERP

Epicor, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, has announced that Havelock AHI, a leading interior manufacturer and fit-out contractor, has implemented the next-generation Epicor ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution across its six locations in the GCC. With Epicor ERP serving as the backbone of the business, Havelock AHI has been […]

Why channel partners are engaging in ManageEngine’s PitStop

The single biggest purpose of community is to bring together people with similar interests and provide a sense of belonging. Typically, IT communities foster a culture where members learn, connect with their peers, and feel encouraged to engage with each other. Businesses build communities to further collective actions and provide solutions to issues commonly faced […]

How to navigate the ERP purchase decision-making process

When purchasing a strategic software solution such as a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, making the right decision is vital. Many organisations wrongly assume that when it comes to ERP, the old adage of ‘one-size-fits-all’ holds true. This couldn’t be further from the truth, particularly for enterprises operating in the manufacturing and services sectors, […]

How to win the customer through their digital experience

Organisations drive digital transformation through creating systems of engagement, based upon rethinking how to engage with their target audiences. Most of the innovative systems of engagements are purpose-built to meet key customer demands and are aligned to specific behavioral contexts over a defined engagement timeline. Customers discover, explore, buy, use, ask and engage in the […]

Building internal firewalls to curb insider attacks

Traditionally cyberattacks on corporate networks have come from outside the organisation. With the growing usage of personal mobile devices and the rise of the Internet of Things, the danger now comes from within. The world moves swiftly, the IT security world even more so. Just a couple of years ago, securing the enterprise would basically […]

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