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Why AIM systems will now be included in cabling procurement

Automated infrastructure management systems are not new. They have been around in one shape or form since the early nineties. They also polarise opinion in the structured cabling world like possibly nothing else. The range of opinions is extreme. At one end are those who will pay almost any premium to have what they see […]

What’s wrong with software licensing today and how to fix it

Today’s software end users are increasingly connected and mobile. In addition, they’re looking to have software delivered to them as a service on the device of their choice, and they only want to pay for what they use. These changes and others are fundamentally shifting the way software vendors conduct business. The growth of cloud […]

Time to fix security inside critical infrastructure

A couple of months ago I was discussing datacentre security with a panel of IT managers from critical infrastructure providers. One representative from a major energy provider said that he had no intention of segmenting his network. When I asked him how he monitors his network looking for attacks that have breached his perimeter, he […]

Building a tap based access control platform

With the move to a mobile and cloud first world, corporate data has become increasingly difficult to protect. Employee expectations have changed – they want to be able to access corporate cloud applications, data and services anywhere, at any time, using the device of their choice. This can potentially make networks significantly more vulnerable to […]

How to cope with IT sprawl, disruption, vulnerability

Car navigation systems that can predict where and when traffic jams might occur, by siphoning data from sensors in roads and other vehicles. Cameras that can spot litter in public places and call in the cleaning crew. Self-adjusting street lamps. These are just a few of the scenarios that could become commonplace as smart cities […]

Why designing your data storage architecture is important

Businesses should start paying more attention to data storage as part of their data strategy. As I see it, the cooler analytical tools we use to extract insights from data, which is the new natural resource and get most of the love, seem directly responsible for driving business value. But while they do have an […]

How to live and move on with IT storage debt

When you live in a house, where the layout does not really suit your lifestyle and there are not enough closets to accommodate your wife’s fetish with shoes, maybe it is time to modernise! But do you demolish the whole house and start again? Maybe it is tempting but, what about the investment that you […]

Making those five cloud corrections in 2017

We have all witnessed the cloud rush of recent years where organisations have been encouraged to move their workloads to the cloud. What does 2017 hold in store for cloud trends. Un-clouding However, there is a growing recognition amongst end users and the channel that cloud services are not the be-all and end-all. And certainly, […]

Distributors can drive cloud opportunities for partners

On a global level the cloud has gone from concept to reality for thousands of small and medium businesses and enterprises, and it is easy to see why. Cloud based business models have enabled organisations to reduce capital expenses, while increasing productivity and collaboration. Of course there were also challenges that had to be addressed […]

Five tips on how to select your threat intelligence solution

Traditional defenses have proven insufficient in protecting organisations from adversaries who are increasingly exploiting the digital shadows of organisations to launch targeted attacks. Now, more than ever, organisations are seeking to understand which actors pose a viable threat to their assets and business operations. As a result, many are taking the next step in their […]

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