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Can ChatGPT weaponize phishing?

With 450,000 malwares detected every day and staggering 3.4 billion daily phishing emails entering inboxes, the addition of ChatGPT is likely to take attack and defence to a new level explains David Hoelzer at SANS Institute. The launch of ChatGPT took the world by storm creating a host of new opportunities and challenges, virtually overnight. […]

Leveraging data to pull through challenges

Supply chains, economic disturbances, social hurdles, the challenges never stop, so neither can the data evolution of a competitive business advises Vibhu Kapoor at Epicor. In business, insights are everything. They are the angled mirrors that help decision makers see round corners. And in insights, data is everything. It is the light that bounces off […]

Usage-based cybersecurity licensing is way forward

IT teams need flexible cybersecurity solutions to address near-constant evolution in enterprise networking needs and licensing models for those solutions should be just as flexible says John Maddison at Fortinet. When it comes to technology, the one thing you can count on is change. Requirements evolve over time as organisations adapt their environments and deployments […]

How African channel partners can qualify their cloud providers

With South African businesses reeling under power cuts, Andrew Cruise at Routed, advises African channel partners and enterprise decision makers on how to select their cloud service partners. Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing in Africa, with no slow-down in sight. Worldwide Worx research indicates that 69% of companies in eight African countries plan to increase […]

How ERP channel partners can succeed in the digital economy

Vibhu Kapoor at Epicor takes us through the market dynamics of ERP business applications and links it to challenges faced by channel partners, offering tips for them to succeed. In the Middle East, enterprise planning is now essential to manufacturers, and heavy industry sectors that are in turn critical to governments’ economic diversification programmes. In […]

Why modern-day phishing attacks continue to be successful across enterprises

Previous techniques like hover and poor grammar are no longer indicative of modern-day phishing attacks says Lance Spitzner at SANS Security Awareness, and urgency and pressure in the message are more indicative. Phishing has been and continues to be one of the most common attack methods cyber attackers use because it is so effective. Phishing […]

Role of alliances and partners in IoT eco-system

In today’s digital economy, the ability to create value depends a lot on relationships built within the IoT eco-system and Larry Socher at Eseye describes the opportunities here for partners. The Internet of Things, IoT is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Yet, with more devices connected, the opportunities for businesses to innovate and improve their operations are […]

Top areas where channel partners are most engaged

Kinda Baydoun at Veeam looks at four key areas where channel partners remain most engaged in today’s digital landscape and advises them to follow best practices from IDC. Veeam’s ProPartner global services over 35,000 active partners and 450,000 end-customers. Interactions with channel partners throws up a lot of interesting insights that give an indication of […]

How secure are your data backups systems?

Just because organisations have backup systems in place does not always mean their data is fully protected in the wake of a loss-causing event says Dr Johannes at SANS Technology Institute. It is no secret that backup systems are critical to preserving sensitive data files from ransomware, theft, sabotage, and accidental loss. However, it is […]

Is third-party support boosting digital transformation

With third-party software support, enterprises have freedom and autonomy back and teams are in complete control of their technology roadmap says Martin Biggs at Spinnaker Support. During periods of global economic and political uncertainty, enterprises have a hard task on their hands. Not only must they continue normal operations, but now it also becomes essential […]

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