The key to understanding process automation, challenges and best practices

The key to understanding process automation, challenges and best practices

Barrie Green, Regional Vice President of UKI and Middle East at Appian, discusses the key to understanding and implementing process automation. He explains some key issues and challenges that can be addressed with process automation and tells us how Appian is helping organisations to address these challenges through its platform.

Barrie Green, Regional Vice President, UKI and Middle East at Appian

What are the key issues and challenges enterprises are experiencing that can be addressed with process automation?

The major issue we see is a waste of revenue on inefficient processes. According to IDC, organisations lose between 20% and 30% of their revenue on inefficient processes with data siloed in many different systems.

This makes it difficult to have a 360-degree perspective of their business and more difficult to make informed decisions on being a customer-centric organisation. So, the big question is, how can these organisations leverage emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence within the guardrails of human decision-making and the security policies organisations need to adhere to? This has become a major issue enterprises experience that can be addressed by process automation.

How is Appian addressing these challenges through its platform?

Appian addresses these challenges through its platform by bringing people, processes and data into end-to-end workflows. We help organisations to drive efficiency and adapt to change quickly. This quick adaptation to customer ground and regulatory changes, helps organisations to drive higher revenue and mitigate risk sooner than their competitors.

As a software company that automates business processes, the Appian AI Process Platform includes everything you need to design, automate and optimise even the most complex processes, from start to finish. The world’s most innovative organisations trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data and optimise operations which always results in better growth and superior customer experiences.

What is Appian’s unique selling point and what are some of the key use cases for its platform in the financial and public sectors?

Our biggest selling point is our world-leading status in business process management and case management. Some of the world’s largest financial institutions, regulators and government bodies use Appian to streamline processes and handle some of the most complex case management and sensitive data.

Appian is the only recognised global leader across multiple enterprise technology markets, including low-code application development, digital process automation (DPA), intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS) and dynamic case management (DCM). It is one platform with unlimited possibilities and we are the fastest and easiest way to transform your business with smarter applications.

How does Appian’s security fabric fit into the overall product portfolio and why is it so important to build security in?

The world’s largest and most secure organisations partner with Appian, not only for world-class business process management and case management but also for the highly secure nature of our platform.

The platform and components are security-hardened to ensure vulnerabilities cannot be introduced by developers and the platform fully complies with the most stringent security standards. Dealing with highly sensitive data and processes is at the heart of our enterprise credentials.

How does a platform approach to process automation enable better outcomes compared to multiple single point solutions?

The best approach to process automation and enabling better outcomes is by bringing together human workers, digital workers, data and processes into a workflow with the speed of low code and this is exactly what we offer with tremendous value and speed to our clients. This one platform approach will ensure better outcomes compared to multiple single-point solutions and lead to more efficiency and productivity within an organisation.

We also provide the tools to visualise and understand processes to allow organisations to continuously improve and take advantage of insights on data faster than their competition.

How does the Appian platform help enterprises design, automate and optimise business processes compared to competitors?

At Appian, we don’t code applications. We draw them at business speed by dragging and dropping components onto a pallet.

Anything created in Appian is instantly desktop, tablet and mobile-ready to allow people to work efficiently on the most suitable endpoint devices without having to create multiple applications.

Appian understands that automation and integration are key to hyper-efficiency. Digital workers like AI, RPA, Machine Learning, business rules and integration need to work alongside humans in end-to-end workflows. That’s exactly why removing repetitive tasks and keeping humans focused on high-value work has been the key to our client successes.

What is the future of process automation for enterprises?

Organisations want to take  advantage of technological advances in AI and data management to deliver faster and more predictable outcomes for their clients. As they develop their public and private AI strategies, alongside taking more insights and value from data, they naturally gravitate towards platforms that glue all these things together.

Platforms that have open standards to allow the use of best-of-breed technologies are critical to innovation and eradicating technical debt – and that platform is Appian.

With a track record spanning over two decades, we have consistently delivered exceptional value to our customers. The big question arises, what sets Appian apart?

The answer lies in our unwavering belief in innovation and efficiency. In an ever-evolving landscape, one constant remains, the need for a platform to facilitate the collaboration between human and digital workers. This is where Appian takes centre stage, orchestrating the workflows, data integrations and enhancing data visibility.

Indeed, Appian is the quintessential destination for all process and workflow challenges. We extend a warm invitation to those intrigued by the possibilities of process automation. Whether you seek to discuss your journey or confront the challenges you’ve encountered, we are confident in our ability to assist your organisation. Your journey towards automation excellence begins with Appian.

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