New Pure Storage partner programme adds tiers, empowerment, training

By Arun Shankar   26 May, 2018
New Pure Storage partner programme adds tiers, empowerment, training

Michael Sotnick, Vice President Partners, Services and Business Development, Pure Storage.

Pure Storage, the all-flash storage platform, announced launch of a new programme for partners. The partner programme evolved in order to keep pace with the significant growth of the company. The new Pure Partner Programme will empower partners with new training, certifications, support and incentives. The new programme is being debuted at the Global Partner Forum during the Pure Accelerate 2018 conference and programme benefits will go into effect August 1, 2018.

“Pure Storage’s continued technology and business innovation are an example of its commitment to providing an advantage to their partners,” said Steve White, IDC Programme Vice President, Channels and Alliances. “These new enhancements to the Pure Partner Programme are another example of this commitment and are going to provide real value and support for Pure’s partners. This programme is comprehensive and will incentivise partners to lead with Pure Storage.”

Pure Storage has always been committed to a 100% channel business model. Testament to this commitment, Pure made strategic investments in the tools and resources needed to achieve a partner programme that attracts, enables and retains partners. The programme is designed to reward partners who build a Pure practice and lead with Pure in the market.

New features


The new programme includes two tiers and is designed to enable partners of any size the ability to achieve top tier status. The programme includes a Preferred tier, which is the entry level tier for all partners. The top tier is Elite; it is invite only based on partners successfully establishing a Pure practice consisting of their demonstrated sales and technical competency, business specialties and services, a budgeted marketing plan, as well as meet a minimum number of customers secured via the partner. Elite partners will receive a notification of their status in August 2018. Partners are evaluated for tiers annually.


A key enhancement to the programme is standardised discounts and price lists available to partners, empowering them to seamlessly source, secure and close opportunities independently. Partners will also receive access to enhanced tools that enable them to provide proposals and quotes for Pure Storage based solutions.


Pure will offer enhanced technical specialisation to all partners and completion of training opens up additional benefits. Pure also debuted the Pure Storage Foundation Exam and the FlashArray Architect Exam during the Global Partner Forum at Pure Accelerate 2018. The programme will roll out additional certifications throughout the year.

“Pure Storage has always been selective with partners and this is why we have the best partners in the industry. As such, we knew it was time to evolve with them and launch a new Partner Programme, so they can continue to grow and profit with the company,” said Michael Sotnick, Vice President Partners, Services and Business Development.

“The investment for the new Partner Programme is our commitment to partners that we are going to continue to make sure they have the assets, resources and incentives to prosper with Pure Storage. Pure’s technology innovations open up new opportunities for partners to lead the way for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our partners are transforming and future-proofing customers’ environments every day to allow them to take advantage of their data and the growth of emerging applications.”

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