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How Omnix is integrating digital platforms into its value distribution

Omnix is investing into emerging digital platforms and cloud marketplaces to help regional channel partners deliver digital transformation solutions to end users. Omnix International is a Sharia compliant company in the regional technology industry with over three decades of experience headquartered in UAE. The parent company is the Al Imtiaz Investment Group located in Kuwait. […]

emt Distribution launches vendor-neutral, full range of value-added services

emt Distribution announced the launch of its services wing. Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, emt aims to revolutionise the way in which organisations defend themselves against cyberthreats and safeguard their digital assets. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, cyber threats have become more sophisticated and prevalent. Traditional security measures are often insufficient to […]

Arctic Wolf Incident Response

If the worst-case scenario happens, your organization needs to be ready to jump into action. When you need us, Arctic Wolf Incident Response comes prepared, focused on securing, analyzing, and restoring your network quickly and effectively.

Transform your critical workloads with SoftwareOne

Migrating to the cloud can help you reduce costs and increase agility and security, while transforming your workloads for the future. But with rising costs, a lack of needed skills in-house, and the perceived security risks of migration, working with the right partner has never been more important. Choose a partner that understands the pressures […]

Palo Alto: What’s next in machine learning based detection?

Zeynep Ozdemir, CMO, discusses the future of machine learning systems on monitoring and protecting infrastructure.

Microsoft announces new features for Microsoft Viva alongside launch of Work Trend Index

The newly announced Copilot feature, which was introduced in Microsoft 365 to help individuals drive efficiency and productivity, will now extend to Microsoft Viva to help business leaders in the region build more engaged, collaborative workforces. In Viva Goals, Copilot can provide recommended goals from a planning or strategy document, while Copilot in Viva Engage […]

EkkoSense: Continuous AI and ML optimization with Cooling Advisor

Cooling Advisor is one of EkkoSoft Critical’s most powerful capabilities, giving you access to the industry’s first fully-embedded, AI-driven cooling advisory tool. We believe it’s just like having your own in-house optimization consultant available 24×7! Powered by machine learning insights from over 50 million data points, Cooling Advisor draws on the deep cooling optimization best […]

Introducing Imperva Waiting Room

Imperva Waiting Room enables you to control traffic during peak periods or when your site is undergoing maintenance, by placing your customers into a virtual queuing system where they remain until it is their turn to access your website.

Siemens: SIPROTEC 5 Compact – 7SX800 – Device Version 9.50

Siemon LightVerse fibre system achieves Third-Party 400G testing with considerable margin

Siemon, announced its new ultra-low-loss singlemode MTP cabling system exhibits considerable margin over IEEE 400 Gigabit channel limits as proven through third-party testing. Intertek Testing Services, a global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification of products, tested Siemon’s new singlemode ultra-low-loss MTP cabling system in IEEE 802.3bs 400GBASE-DR4 and IEEE 802.3cu 400GBASE-FR4 400 Gigabit […]

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