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Networks Unlimited MD on challenges and benefits of multi-cloud

The rise of multi-cloud brings challenges and benefits, according to Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa. Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing mix that uses a combination of on-premises, private cloud and third party, public cloud services, with orchestration between the two platforms. By allowing workloads to move between private and […]

The trends that are set to shape the African channel market

The channel market is changing. There is a trend emerging where solutions across different categories are combining to create a more holistic, horizontal approach to the channel offering. But companies are also demanding hyper-specialised businesses and application technology skills from vendors. And, according to Westcon and Ruckus Networks, this outlook is set to continue in […]

Hospitality industry needs to be able to expand, according to Pinnacle

As guests demand more and better services, hotels need a better platform to offer and manage them says Pinnacle – South Africa’s leading ICT distributor and authorised distributor of Huawei Technologies Enterprise products in Africa. According to Fred Saayman, Pinnacle’s Huawei Business Unit Executive, the hospitality industry is fiercely competitive and needs to be capable […]

Why the private sector is lagging in the innovation race

The great Irish philosopher George Berkley once asked: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? A man with a keen interest in the philosophy behind observation, Berkley believed that to be is to be perceived. From his perspective, since nobody heard the […]

CIO challenge: focus on digital security, infrastructure, digital customer support

In an era of almost permanent connectivity and endless possibilities, CIOs become challenged to maximise business productivity and growth potential of the Internet. To successfully meet this challenge, the CIO needs to focus attention on three areas: digital security, infrastructure and digital customer support. We are in a new age of information security. The traditional […]

Protecting digital infrastructure using robot hunters and deception technologies

The convergence between operational and digital technologies is well underway, being driven by the use cases around Internet of Things. Digitally enabling both new and old machines, devices, sensors, and other objects with connectivity, provides benefits not realised before. Real-life and real-time data is much more accessible on the edge of the network and can […]

Expanding networks and the gigabit society

The boundaries between networks are disappearing. Local data networks in companies, datacentre networks, cellular phone networks, wide-area networks, and access networks will barely be considered as separate units in future. In the current market outlook, data traffic between all areas is assuming such huge proportions that we need to develop an entirely new and holistic […]

Calculating your security spending through digital risk management

Cyberattacks on businesses are now weekly news as breaches of data are announced regularly. However, until recently many corporate executives did not understand or share the view of its importance of addressing digital risk at the Board level. The Board’s role in understanding and monitoring digital and cyber risk has been highlighted by a multitude […]

Security policies need to be mapped to business outcomes

Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem. As digital business evolves to include ecosystems and the open digital world, cybersecurity needs to evolve from a back-office IT problem to an enterprise-wide business consideration. These digital business needs will be supported by technologies, and the CIO will be responsible for implementing those technologies, as well as communicating to […]

Stress testing your DevOps environment

The digital transformation process driving growth in today’s cutting-edge enterprises, owes much of its success to applications, and DevOps continuous delivery practices play a key role in the delivery of that new software. Yet, according to new research by Enterprise Management Associates, 70% of companies still rely on primarily siloed, manual troubleshooting practices when addressing […]

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