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An overview of latest networking technologies for MSPs

Chris McKie at Kaseya explains the tools and technologies that MSPs can harness to take the complexity out of running their clients’ networks. As businesses expand their networks to accommodate ever growing numbers of users and devices, secure access and next-generation wireless technology remain hot topics. There is a clear need for speed and failsafe […]

Top cloud, data centre, edge infrastructure trends

Four cloud, data centre and edge infrastructure trends will set the groundwork for the future as I&O teams pivot to support new technologies and ways of working says Paul Delory at Gartner. The future of cloud, data centres and edge infrastructure is poised to be led by infrastructure and operations teams, with four major global […]

How secure are your data backups systems?

Just because organisations have backup systems in place does not always mean their data is fully protected in the wake of a loss-causing event says Dr Johannes at SANS Technology Institute. It is no secret that backup systems are critical to preserving sensitive data files from ransomware, theft, sabotage, and accidental loss. However, it is […]

Is third-party support boosting digital transformation

With third-party software support, enterprises have freedom and autonomy back and teams are in complete control of their technology roadmap says Martin Biggs at Spinnaker Support. During periods of global economic and political uncertainty, enterprises have a hard task on their hands. Not only must they continue normal operations, but now it also becomes essential […]

Five tips on selecting a top enterprise channel partner

Nothing can be more frustrating than discovering your trusted channel partner is lacking in vital areas and Rachel Thorne at Espria shares a five-point checklist to discover this. With digital transformation, the only certainty in the years to come is uncertainty. We have seen that resilient and agile companies are more likely to survive the challenges facing businesses as technology evolves. […]

Why smart MSPs are poised to deliver better returns for investors

The demand for IT services is only going to increase as businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, making MSPs an attractive investment opportunity says Martin Ford at POPX. For those institutional investors, owners, and operators of Managed Service Providers, MSPs wondering whether the managed services model is still viable, the answer is a resounding yes. […]

CO2 reduction in data centres and networks requires more than commitment

High demand for bandwidth globally and the need to achieve sustainability targets have led to increased discussions on the carbon footprint of networks writes Oene-Wim Stallinga at Nexans. Global demand for bandwidth has never been greater. At the same time the pressure to achieve sustainability and climate targets is increasing. As a result, the carbon […]

Managing vendor relationships to sustain projects during slowdowns

Businesses are committed to spending on digital transformation in 2023 and ahead but must review and negotiate commercial terms with vendors says Ranjith Kaippada at Cloud Box. As we move into 2023, digital transformation leads need to anticipate the possibility of market and revenue slowdown impacting their annual purchase decisions and ahead. A Gartner survey […]

Critical security controls against ransomware

Enterprises can rely on tested measures to defend against ransomware, many of which do not require significant human or financial resources says Ned Baltagi at SANS Institute. Today, ransomware stands as a significant money-maker for nefarious individuals, and is no longer just an attack that seeks to encrypt important files. Instead, it has evolved to […]

Migrating to the cloud, integrating data structures

Enterprises are struggling to digitally transform, migrate to cloud, and build unified data structures, which represents an opportunity for channel partners explains Vlad Postelnicu from Software AG. Legacy applications are a big burden on the IT framework of any organisation with its huge operational costs. Most organisations currently will have a legacy system of some […]

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