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Editor’s Question: How can the channel help SMEs?

Gregg Lalle, SVP International Sales & Strategy, ConnectWise explains how the channel can help SMEs. The reality of today’s environment means that customers will be looking to cut expenses where they can. Looking through the ‘glass half full’ lens, this creates a great opportunity for the channel to help those businesses make the right decisions. […]

Editor’s Comment: What issues arise with enterprise storage management?

Patrick Smith, EMEA Field CTO, Pure Storage explains what issues arise with enterprise storage management and which solutions address these issues. Enterprise storage infrastructure has traditionally been very complex when it comes to managing growth. Storage administrators often have to search through many data sets to identify demand and project the always-growing needs of their […]

Ransomware 2020: A year of many changes

Fady Younes, Cybersecurity Director, Middle East and Africa, Cisco, on why organisations need to be proactive in developing comprehensive security strategies and take the evolving threat landscape serious. 2020 was a turbulent year as the world grappled to cope with the impact of COVID-19 – both on general sense of wellbeing and the critical infrastructures […]

Editor’s Question: How will technology adapt further to enhance remote working?

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Vice President, Global Field CISO Team at Fortinet, explains how technology will change further to enhance remote working. In 2020, remote work became the norm as organisations worldwide were forced to rapidly shift their operational models. However, even once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and some employees move back into the office, many others will continue […]

Editor’s Question: How will technology adapt further to enhance remote working?

Ram Narayanan, Country Manager, Check Point Software Technologies Middle East, explains how he thinks technology will further enhance remote working. The pandemic has reshaped our entire working culture. The changes were global, rapid and widespread, compressing several years’ worth of IT changes into just a few weeks. When businesses across the globe were plunged into […]

Delivering Value Added data centre solutions for the modern and transformed enterprise

To achieve their goals of Digital Transformation, many organisations have looked closely at their data centre environment. Wang Di, President, Huawei Digital Power, Middle East, highlights examples of how Huawei has worked closely with customers in the region to enable their organisations to scale.   Across the entirety of 2020, the business environment has become […]

Editor’s Comment: How to ensure organisations are using AI and automation effectively

Samantha Humphries, Head of Security Strategy EMEA, Exabeam, explains how to make sure that organisations are tailoring Artificial Intelligence and automation to their business in meaningful ways. AI offers huge practical benefits – both in terms of a vastly improved customer experience and as a support mechanism for the entire workforce. However, concerns around Artificial […]

Partners’ Perspective: The thorny issue of channel credit schemes in MEA

Part of the Lynchpin Media team, Manda Banda has more than 20 years of experience working for channel publications. He shares the knowledge he has learnt during that time in this new monthly column for Intelligent Tech Channels, starting with his musings on channel credit schemes in MEA. Can the partner community survive without the […]

Managing the tech debt of accelerated Digital Transformation in the wake of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to accelerate their Digital Transformation strategies. This meant that IT departments did not always have enough time to complete their usual due diligence, which involves the management of tech debt – the off-balance-sheet accumulation of all the technology work a company needs to do in the future. Alex McMullan, […]

Editor’s Question: How will technology adapt further to enhance remote working?

Ian Jansen van Rensburg, Senior Systems Engineer and Lead Technologist at VMware Sub-Saharan Africa, explains how working from anywhere is the future of the workplace. When one mentions remote working, the following technology comes to mind: Virtual Reality, single identity, virtual private networks, videoconferencing, file sharing, messaging, AI and Machine Learning, time tracking tools, encrypted […]

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