Westcon-Comstor announces launch of Cisco SMB Breakfast Club

Westcon-Comstor announces launch of Cisco SMB Breakfast Club

Westcon-Comstor, a leading global distributor in ICT, has announced the launch of the Cisco SMB Breakfast Club, an initiative aimed at providing valuable insights and engagement opportunities for Comstor partners and resellers.

This innovative programme highlights the extensive range of Cisco solutions tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The Cisco SMB Breakfast Club is set to revolutionise how partners and customers perceive and utilise Cisco’s comprehensive solutions. By focusing on debunking common myths surrounding the complexity, cost and suitability of Cisco technologies for SMBs, the programme will offer practical guidance and support to help businesses navigate their unique challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the African economy, driving innovation and growth across the continent. At Comstor, we recognise the critical role that SMBs play in our channel ecosystem,” said Ivaniza Correia de Araujo, Small Business Lead at Comstor Southern Africa.

“The Cisco SMB Breakfast Club is a testament to our commitment to supporting these vital businesses by providing them with accessible, reliable and scalable solutions.

“Through this programme, we aim to empower our partners to serve the SMB market better, helping them to harness the full potential of technology to foster economic development and prosperity within the African context,” she adds.

Key Aspects of the Cisco SMB Breakfast Club:

  • Comprehensive solutions: The programme showcases Cisco’s end-to-end solutions, covering networking, security, collaboration and data management, all tailored to the specific needs of SMBs.
  • Ease of use and implementation: With solutions like Meraki and Cisco Business Wireless, SMBs can benefit from simple, app-based deployment and management, ensuring ease of use and reduced complexity.
  • Security and reliability: Cisco’s robust security solutions, including Cisco Umbrella and Meraki MX, provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats, ensuring SMBs maintain a strong security posture.
  • Affordability and flexibility: Cisco offers flexible payment options and various promotions, making high-quality technology accessible to SMBs. The programme also includes free trials for many products.
  • Tailored business models: The programme addresses different business models with solutions for hybrid, remote, smart, and secure SMBs, ensuring businesses have the tools they need for any operational scenario.
  • Support and community: Participants gain access to Cisco’s world-class technical support and a vibrant community of users, enhancing their ability to troubleshoot and manage technology effectively.

“The Cisco SMB Breakfast Club represents a significant step forward in our commitment to supporting our partners and resellers. By providing them with tailored solutions and unparalleled support, we are equipping them with the tools they need to help SMBs thrive in this competitive landscape. This programme embodies our dedication to simplifying technology management and enhancing business outcomes for our partners,” said Araujo.

Westcon-Comstor invites all Comstor partners and resellers to join the Cisco SMB Breakfast Club and take advantage of its resources and expertise.

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