ALSO Cloud UK: Channel partners key to business growth

ALSO Cloud UK: Channel partners key to business growth

ALSO Cloud UK, one of Europe’s largest technology and cyber security experts, exhibited at the Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo in March in collaboration with Microsoft and AvePoint which saw thousands of visitors gather to learn about the latest cutting-edge tech and engage with industry experts on upcoming technology trends.

Featured as one of the keynote speakers, ALSO Cloud UK were among industry experts leading the way for AI and Copilot insights, identifying key challenges encountered by IT leaders and best solutions and practises to explore the limitless possibilities of the new digital landscape.

Mark Appleton, Chief Customer Officer of ALSO Cloud UK

“The importance of this event in highlighting key challenges faced in the current digital ecosystem cannot be overstated,” said Mark Appleton, Chief Customer Officer of ALSO Cloud UK. “In an era dominated by technology, ensuring businesses have cutting-edge technology strategies and tailored solutions is crucial to the industry’s vitality, with cloud and AI playing an important part of this process.”

Presenting on a revolving stage, ALSO Cloud UK delved into the benefits of introducing Microsoft Copilot in their keynote speech, offering the audience a diverse range of perspectives to enhance their understanding of strategically using AI as a powerful productivity tool.

“In the realm of creative productivity, Copilot can free up human capital by automating administrative tasks, such as manual communication and file creation processes while simultaneously enhancing users’ creativity and skills,” said Appleton.

“Many attendees were keen to delve deeper into leveraging this technology to transform their business landscape and a report by Deloitte captured similar sentiments with nearly two-thirds of technology excited to embrace AI however only 29% are targeting innovation and growth when implementing AI in their organisations.”

This emerging trend underscores the critical need to select and enforce the correct solutions and manage the rollout carefully to deploy Copilot to the fullest extent. Ensuring organisational readiness and taking the preparatory steps will be key and channel partners were recognised as a necessary collaborator within this process.

“What’s clear is the need for IT leaders to select the AI solution that can positively impact the wider business. AI is just another tool in an existing toolbox that needs to be used correctly or it will become a redundant piece of the business.

“Optimising workspaces and establishing policy frameworks are part of the measures that need to be taken to ensure the proficiency of deploying such advanced technologies at a large scale. Collaboration between businesses, and MSP and Channel experts will be vital in this process to ensure a frictionless use of Copilot,” Appleton continued.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have also capitalised on this trend, targeting the vulnerabilities associated with AI and cloud platforms like Copilot and Azure. With such platforms offering a diverse range of services, cybersecurity measures must also be top priority for businesses to protect against financial and data loss.

“Businesses are migrating to cloud and AI for enhanced scalability and efficiency, however against the backdrop of burgeoning cloud innovation follows the increasing risk of breaches and fraud. When it comes to supporting business longevity, asset and spending protection goes hand in hand with implementing new technology,” Appleton adds.

“There is a growing concern surrounding the hyperscale nature of Azure and Copilot that can attract malicious cybercriminals. MSP’s and channel partners must be able to propose solutions to the myriad problems that breaches, and fraud can cause. Combining robust security features with protection services that channel partners offer, can minimise the effects of fraudulent activity and position organisations for success in the market.”

Largely due to enterprises investing in such proprietary technology, spending for IT service will increase in 2024. According to Appleton, the demand for reliable support services will also become crucial for business strategy.

“While many SMEs understood that providing quick solutions to their customers lie at the heart of business success, many have foregone their own system efficiency. A theme that resonated strongly throughout the event was finding the right partners that can also provide unique and innovative solutions to their system problems.

“It’s a natural step for businesses to work with specialist third-party service providers to ensure a smooth transition of new systems but ensuring your chosen provider delivers effortless care across all possible problem areas beyond the onboarding phase is crucial for business continuity. Channel providers and MSP’s must work as true partners with SMEs to equip them with the most intelligent and speedy solutions to help facilitate their business growth.”

Appleton concluded, “the event underscored a crucial reality: as the world becomes more digitised, businesses need to be proactive to the changing landscape. Fuelled by the urgency to adapt, businesses need the right support which MSP and Channel experts can provide. By bridging this gap, businesses can be prepared for this new era and protect their digital assets.”

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