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Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team drives cybersecurity with SentinelOne

Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team drives cybersecurity with SentinelOne

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Team extends collaboration with Official Cybersecurity Partner leveraging AI-powered solutions to run securely on and off track.

Sally Jenkins, Chief Marketing Officer, SentinelOne

In 2021 The Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team made its return to Formula One and announced SentinelOne as its Official Cybersecurity Partner. Today, the team is extending this collaboration in a multi-year agreement that sees SentinelOne at the heart of the team’s efforts to drive safety, security and success on and off the track at the AMR Technology Campus.

Through the expanded partnership, Aston Martin Aramco will leverage the SentinelOne Singularity Platform – the same technology that Aston Martin Lagonda has been using since 2018 – to revolutionise its approach to cybersecurity and keep its operations secure in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Data is the lifeblood of Aston Martin Aramco and the team handles vast amounts of it across a sprawling and complex infrastructure. To stay competitive, all of this data must be fully secured. As Official Cybersecurity Partner, SentinelOne delivers AI-powered security solutions that allow the team to see around corners and act on its data to protect every endpoint, IoT device and cloud workload with unparalleled intelligence and speed.

“SentinelOne has been a great partner and we are thrilled to be extending our relationship,” said Clare Lansley, Chief Information Officer, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team. “Cybercriminals today move fast and with SentinelOne as our Official Cybersecurity Partner, we can move faster to protect ourselves against threats. SentinelOne provides Aston Martin Aramco with a powerful platform that is a game-changer, as our team push the limits of performance, knowing that they are protected by the most advanced solutions.” 

“We are pleased to bring two world-class brands together and build on the successful partnership with Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team,” said Sally Jenkins, Chief Marketing Officer, SentinelOne. “AI has opened the door to a new and increasingly sophisticated set of threats to the enterprise and cybercriminals are using it to execute attacks with unprecedented speed. As their Official Cybersecurity Partner, we can put the team in pole position and take their security to new levels.”

We asked Clare Lansley, Chief Information Officer, Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, further questions to find out more:

With the extension of your collaboration with SentinelOne, how do you envision the role of AI in enhancing cybersecurity measures for the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, particularly in the high-stakes environment of Formula One racing?

The extension expands and strengthens our collaboration with a focus on AI threats. We plan to adopt AI threat hunting into our Security Architecture which is one of our focuses this year and which will accelerate advances in our security capabilities, driving improved operational performance. SentinelOne solutions do all this with unparalleled intelligence and speed, giving us peace of mind as we continue to expand infrastructure around our new campus.

Considering the vast amounts of data the team manages, can you elaborate on the specific challenges you face in securing such a complex infrastructure, and how has SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform been tailored to meet these unique needs?

I think the main challenge is the global nature of our business and the number of temporary remote operations. We travel to 24 venues around the world and have to quickly set up IT infrastructure. That presents different challenges because we are connecting across global networks with multiple users.

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, what strategies are you implementing to ensure the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team remains ahead of potential cyberthreats, and how does the partnership with SentinelOne facilitate this proactive stance?

Our immediate focus is to deliver the IT infrastructure for two new buildings on our technology campus and SentinelOne is fundamental in delivering a secure environment. This is to ensure our new Wind Tunnel facility, which is key to delivering future car performance, is secure and operations are not impacted.

We are also focusing our efforts to improve our cybersecurity by delivering a new security architecture to protect us from modern cyberthreats, support new working practices and ensure our resources and data are protected. SentinelOne is a big part of this architecture to achieve new levels of security and threat visibility.

Given the critical role of data in Formula One, how do you balance the need for rapid access and analysis of data with the stringent security measures required to protect it, and in what ways has the SentinelOne platform revolutionised your approach to this balance?

Protecting data is a major priority, because data is our bread and butter, which helps make the car go faster. And we are dealing with huge amounts of data each time the car runs. All that data gets fed back to the remote operations in the garage and is sent back to our Silverstone HQ. Protecting that information from threats is where SentinelOne give us peace of mind.

Bryan Gale, Vice President, Product Marketing, SentinelOne, shares his insights into SentinelOne’s partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team:

As SentinelOne strengthens its partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team, could you share insights into how your AI-powered security solutions are uniquely positioned to address the high-stakes cybersecurity needs of a Formula One team?

Security today isn’t just about threat detection and prevention. It’s about gaining visibility and insight into data across the entire enterprise and transforming it into decisive action to protect business. Every endpoint, every connection and every transaction, on every cloud, is represented by data. And to stay competitive, all of that information must be fully secured.

Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team manages a huge amount of data across a very complex network. The challenge that they and every other organisation face is gaining a unified view into this data and putting it into context so they can drive informed actions and keep their environments safe. In order to connect the dots, they have to be able to collect all the dots. And this is where SentinelOne Singularity comes into play.

There are a lot of point solutions that secure endpoints, networks, cloud assets and identities in isolation. The evolving nature of threats demands a more integrated approach. Singularity ingests data from security solutions across the entire enterprise, consolidates it into a single data lake, augments it with the power of AI and provides context that allows security teams to see the big picture in real-time and defend against attacks at the machine speed with which they are executed.

With the evolving landscape of cyberthreats, especially in high-profile sports environments, how does SentinelOne ensure its solutions remain at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation to protect partners like the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team?

Machine-generated attacks require machine-generated responses, and AI is a super facilitator that can bring order to chaos. With AI, enterprises can detect and prevent threats with speed and efficiency and secure a broader range of assets better than humans can. They aren’t limited by how many people are in their SOC, or the expertise of their team. Instead, they are empowered to see things in real-time, at scale, and defend their environment against attacks they don’t yet understand in an infinitely scalable way.

SentinelOne was the first to apply AI to cybersecurity, and we continue to evolve our platform to help our customers create intelligent, resilient organisations that can withstand the security challenges they face today and secure tomorrow.

Considering the critical importance of data in Formula One, how does the SentinelOne Singularity Platform specifically cater to the complex infrastructure and vast data requirements of a Formula One team, ensuring both security and performance?

The SentinelOne Singularity platform ingests data from any source. Leveraging advanced AI and Machine Learning techniques, it normalises and contextualises the data and consolidates it into a single data lake, allowing security teams to do the following:

  • Drive holistic enterprise security – Seamless integration of protection across endpoints, XDR, identity and cloud interfaces provides robust defense for every element of the digital ecosystem.
  • Supercharge threat detection and remediation – Real-time visibility with zero missed detections enables action on security issues at the speed of ‘already resolved’.
  • Streamline operations – Single-click remediation, intuitive workflows and easy-to-use tools reduce analysts’ workloads and boost efficiency.

What are SentinelOne’s future plans for enhancing cybersecurity measures in the fast-paced world of Formula One, and how do you foresee these innovations benefiting other industries facing similar cybersecurity challenges?

SentinelOne started over a decade ago with an idea, that is, to protect the things that matter most to our customers by pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity. Over the decades, we’ve hustled, innovated and transformed to create the world’s most advanced cybersecurity platform. We will continue to evolve and create autonomous technology solutions that think for themselves – intelligent, data-driven systems that learn as they are challenged and evolve on their own and enable enterprises across geographies and industries to run more securely.

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