CyberKnight elevates cyber resilience with Zero Trust Security

CyberKnight elevates cyber resilience with Zero Trust Security

CyberKnight announces its participation as a Premier Sponsor at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in Dubai on February 12-13.

Avinash Advani, the Founder and CEO at CyberKnight

The company’s participation underscores its commitment to advancing cybersecurity practices and fostering awareness around the critical paradigm of Zero Trust. During the Summit, CyberKnight will emphasize the significance of adopting a comprehensive Zero Trust Security approach in tackling cybersecurity challenges faced by IT security leaders.

At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, CyberKnight will be joined by:

  • Checkmarx: one of the industry’s most comprehensive AppSec platform
  • Xage: identity based ZTNA for critical infrastructure
  • Group-IB: fraud detection, ASM, DRP, threat intelligence and DFIR

“Our Theme for this year’s participation at Gartner SRM is ‘Elevating Cyber Resilience with Zero Trust Security’. In the face of escalating cyber threats, our Zero Trust Security approach stands as a beacon, guiding organizations toward a robust cybersecurity posture. Our Zero Trust Security methodology is more than a framework; it’s a transformative journey towards resilience: we believe in empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Avinash Advani, the Founder and CEO at CyberKnight.

Olesya Pavlova, CMO at CyberKnight

“As a trusted advisor to enterprise and government organizations across the region, CyberKnight remains committed to contributing to the growth of regional cybersecurity capacity and resilience. Sponsoring Gartner SRM, one of the most reputable IT Security events in the Middle East covering key topics that matter most to security leaders, is not just an opportunity to showcase our innovations but also a commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at building a more secure digital ecosystem in the Middle East,” said Olesya Pavlova, CMO at CyberKnight.

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