AppDirect secures US$100 million investment from CDPQ for its Capital Invest Programme

AppDirect secures US$100 million investment from CDPQ for its Capital Invest Programme

AppDirect CEO Nicolas Desmarais

Funding provides flexible capital for technology advisors to transform and scale their business while maintaining 100% ownership.

AppDirect, a leading B2B subscription commerce platform in North America, has announced it has secured USD $100 million in funding from global investment group CDPQ.

This new investment will support innovative financing options for technology advisors through the AppDirect Capital Invest program, allowing them to access flexible capital to transform and scale their business. Building upon the initial USD $80 million financing from CDPQ in 2021, this new investment increases the total program funding to USD $180 million. 

In today’s dynamic channel market, every technology advisor faces the decision to stay the course, seek capital to invest back into their business or consider whether the time is right to be acquired or acquire. The AppDirect Capital Invest program supports these endeavors by combining upfront, non-restrictive capital with the power of the AppDirect Marketplace, allowing technology advisors to use the capital to scale, innovate, retain top talent or make outside investments while maintaining 100% ownership of their business. This new funding from CDPQ enables AppDirect to work with technology advisors on flexible capital solutions to meet their unique business needs.

“AppDirect is committed to providing our technology advisors with an unfair advantage. Our Invest program is purpose-built to empower our technology advisors,” said Emanuel Bertolin, Chief Revenue Officer at AppDirect. “To keep up with today’s ever-changing market, technology merchants need fast access to capital to accelerate their growth. With AppDirect Capital, technology advisors can take advantage of innovative capital options to expand their business or invest in the future, which makes increasing access to this program all the more essential.”

“Since our initial financing in 2021, AppDirect has demonstrated their ability to accelerate the connectivity and competitiveness of today’s businesses,” said Marc Cormier, Executive Vice-President and Head of Fixed Income at CDPQ. “As part of our partnership, this repeat investment continues to facilitate the delivery of critical solutions for the digital economy, while generating stable returns for our clients.”

“AppDirect is dedicated to fueling innovation and growth for our advisor community,” said Nicolas Desmarais, Chairman and CEO at AppDirect. “CDPQ and AppDirect have an established track record of working together, and this new investment further solidifies both companies’ commitment to the growth and transformation of AppDirect channel partners and technology advisors.”

With this investment, AppDirect expects to continue bringing value to its technology advisors, like NXTSYS. “For the last five years, we’ve grown consistently between 22% to 30% year over year. Since we partnered with AppDirect Capital Invest, we jumped 50% in a single year in profit. Think about that: not 50% in revenue, but 50% in profit. Those kinds of numbers are phenomenal,” said David Wallace, Co-founder and President of NXTSYS. “With AppDirect as a partner, we knew we’d have the ability to drive growth. And once we learned that we’d maintain complete control of our business, it was a clear path forward for us.”

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