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Channel chief: Joanne Wong at LogRhythm

Channel chief: Joanne Wong at LogRhythm

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Joanne Wong, Vice President, International Markets, LogRhythm

Channel partners can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to selling their products and services and to stand out, they need to demonstrate keen understanding of customer pain points, and find tailor-fit solutions that address specific needs says Joanne Wong at LogRhythm.

Describe your current job role and a summary of the business model of your organisation?

As Vice President of International Markets across APAC and EMEA, Joanne is responsible for broadening LogRhythm’s footprint in both regions through compelling B2B and B2C marketing programmes. As a channel-first vendor, LogRhythm is committed to delivering the best-in-class SIEM platform to support its channel partners and empower their customers.

What are your strengths and abilities that you bring to the above role?

With over 20 years of industry experience, Joanne has grown LogRhythm’s presence in Asia Pacific and Japan significantly, reaching 25 markets within the region and serving hundreds of clients. Over the last three years, LogRhythm witnessed its Asia Pacific and Japan business double and its employee size grew by 300%.

Please describe the opportunities and challenges that exist for channel partners in your market?

The world saw an unprecedented shift to all things digital in recent years. Fast forward today, the digital economy is expected to be valued as much as $1 trillion by 2030. While the rapid adoption of digital technology has no doubt transformed our lives for the better, it has also given rise to new threats, such as cybersecurity breaches, privacy infringements and more.

As reliance on digital technology continues to grow, businesses will need a holistic strategy, encompassing people, processes and infrastructure, to build their cybersecurity posture and secure their digital assets. Regional channel partners have the unique opportunity to help organisations to safeguard their data, digital assets, infrastructure and operations.

Which technologies and innovations can make a difference to the channel market dynamics in the near future?

Cloud-native SaaS solutions are increasingly relevant in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Built directly on the cloud, these solutions offer unparalleled scalability, flexibility and accessibility, enabling tech vendors to rapidly deploy and update their software and applications, with little to no downtime.

This is changing the channel market dynamics, as customers can now expect faster time to value, greater innovation and better experiences with their technology investments.

Recent acceleration in AI innovation has also marked a watershed moment in technology, transforming work across industries and businesses. At this inflection point for AI adoption, many businesses will be keen to find out how they can maximise the potential of AI for their operations, while mitigating any potential risks.

According to a 2023 survey of channel partners by LogRhythm, 38% said that more than half of their customer base is currently using AI tools and technology. Yet, 95% revealed that the adoption of AI has expanded the threat surface for their customers, with data breach and data leaks emerging as the top security threats that customers are most worried about. As AI adoption grows, securing AI solutions and ensuring data security will be critical to mitigate risks, protect sensitive information and maintain compliance.

How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market and gain a leading competitive position?

Channel partners can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to selling their products and services. To stand out, they need to demonstrate a keen understanding of their customers’ pain points, and find tailor-fit solutions that address specific needs. They should embrace emerging technologies, and work with like-minded vendor partners to stay ahead in an ever-changing technology and business landscape.

LogRhythm supports its partners with industry-leading solutions that help meet the security and compliance requirements of their prospects and customers. As a channel-first vendor, they invest in partners through ongoing enablement, go-to-market tools and sales programmes, to drive value and success.

Which aspects of your job role do you find rewarding and which are challenging?

Joanne draws on her role and influence as a female leader in IT to drive effective change around gender equity, at all levels. She finds it rewarding to be able to leverage her experiences to provide mentorship for other female employees, and nurturing them to take on leadership roles.

How do you best like to de-stress and re-charge off work?

Outside of work, Joanne enjoys traveling with her family. Recently, Joanne visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital and immersed herself in the Mongol culture, its unique blend of modernity and nomadic tradition. Joanne looks to Wordle as a stress-reducing pastime and finds great satisfaction in cracking the daily five-letter challenge.

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