Delivering next-gen managed security services

Delivering next-gen managed security services

Hani Nofal, General Manager and Head of Technology, GBM

GBM Shield is GBM’s comprehensive cybersecurity built on Cor., an MDR platform powered by machine learning, automation, orchestration, giving insight to foresight, which has been recognised by IDC in its MarketScape Assessment.

The complexities of today’s digital ecosystem, technology stack, IT and OT convergence, and evolving threat landscape have made it difficult for CIOs and CISOs to tackle security challenges, even with recently scaled-up cyber defences. Tackling threats has become increasingly more complicated, time-consuming, and demands specialised, skilled, and certified cybersecurity professionals.

The cyber security skill gap is still one of the biggest problems organisations face today when trying to respond to ever-evolving, sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Even though regional cyber threat awareness is high, attacks are getting more sophisticated. New challenges are constantly emerging, and cybersecurity requirements are evolving together with these threats.

As defence technology strives to keep up with all these advances, the responses are often inadequate. The current ecosystem of cybersecurity solutions and skills might not be enough to combat these attacks. Next generation threats require next generation solutions, which is where CISOs need to start investing in MDR solutions that are powered by machine learning and orchestration to empower their teams.

By investing in a cybersecurity strategy that encompasses these risks and incorporates the new generation of cybersecurity technology, CISOs in the Middle East can put themselves in a solid position to protect their environments in the coming years and prevent them from descending into cyber chaos.

According to the GBM 2023 Security Report, enterprise complexity is also increasing along with the attack surface, with further adoption of public cloud services, AI, ML, and rise of smart cities powered by IoT technologies.

“It is now clear that the days of basic DDOS and malware attacks are behind us as attackers have moved to multi-staged, orchestrated attacks that are run with a mixture of humans and bots behind them. I see MDR powered by machine learning, as the way forward for security in the region,” says Hani Nofal, General Manager and Head of Technology, GBM.

Boosting next-gen solutions

And this is where GBM Shield comes in, through offering a first-of-its-kind programme in the region that is adaptable, holistic, integrated and vendor-agnostic.

At the heart of GBM Shield are Managed Security Services, MSS, which remove the burden of time, technological adjustments, and finding and allocating skilled human talent. They offer a holistic way of dealing with today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, agile enough to adapt as they continue evolving.

MSS immensely simplifies matters for organisations as they no longer need to worry about updating their technological infrastructure and the common compatibility and integration challenges. GBM Shield’s approach saves organisations costs and time while focusing on developing enduring and adaptable strategies that work across the board.

GBM Shield is GBM’s most comprehensive cybersecurity offering to date. With its disruptive approach to cyber defence, it boosts the ability to anticipate, detect and respond to cyber threats.

At the heart of GBM Shield is Cor., an innovative MDR platform, which is powered by machine learning, automation, and orchestration. This gives in depth visibility from insight to foresight, which empowers organisations to navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

GBM Shield enables the seamless integration of any technology to provide defence-grade services to enterprises of all sizes, so they can monitor, detect, respond, and prevent cyber threats. It directly builds on GBM’s long experience with regional cyber security needs, as this cyber defence programme is vendor-agnostic while also being integrated, holistic, and strategic.

Market positioning

GBM was recognised as a Major Player for Managed Security Services in the GCC by IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment for 2023.

The programme offering is risk-driven rather than technology-driven, augmenting existing technologies to increase return on investment and enhance security posture and business resiliency. Through GBM Shield, organisations can obtain a fully managed security service that includes the application of advanced security analytics, initiative-taking threat hunting, and incident response investigative capabilities.

By leveraging these features, organisations can proactively detect and mitigate threats, analyse security data effectively, and respond swiftly to security incidents, ensuring enhanced protection and robust operational continuity.

The programme also includes a state-of-the-art solutions ecosystem based on various practices including Compliance and Advisory services, Data Privacy and Protection, Unified Identity and Access Governance, Security Analytics and Threat Management, Modern Application Security, Hybrid Network Security, Cloud Security, and OT, IOT Security.

Developed to address evolving security challenges, the GBM Shield cyber defence programme taps into GBM’s experience and local knowledge, while also providing 24X7 access to GBM’s uniquely skilled team of security professionals.

Implementation road map

GBM Shield is a flexible programme that can be seamlessly implemented and delivered to enterprises through various deployment options, which include on-site, cloud-based deployment, managed services, or a combination of these deployment options.

When it comes to implementing GBM Shield, enterprises have the flexibility to choose the deployment method that aligns best with their specific requirements, priorities, and existing infrastructure. It can be rapidly deployed and easily integrated into the enterprise’s existing cloud environment, which allows for efficient resource allocation and ensures that the solution can adapt to changing business needs.

Additionally, we have come to see that managed services are a preferred option for enterprises as they alleviate the burden of infrastructure management, enabling them to concentrate on core business activities while still benefiting from the comprehensive security measures provided by GBM Shield.

What stands out with this programme is that it helps support clients in prioritising business outcomes while ensuring their security posture and resilience are effectively addressed.

Compliance and risks

GBM Shield prioritises service level agreements, SLAs to deliver exceptional performance and support to businesses. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Cor. platform, which is powered by automation and orchestration, GBM is able to offer competitive SLAs that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.

Through initiative-taking measures and continuous monitoring, the programme aims to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities to safeguard assets and critical systems. The SLAs integrated into GBM Shield are geared towards delivering a comprehensive security programme that goes beyond generic solutions. GBM recognises that each client has unique needs and requirements when it comes to technology protection.

By tailoring security measures to individual client needs and ensuring a rapid response to security incidents, GBM Shield enables businesses to achieve their desired level of technology protection and maintain a secure environment for their operations.

Business vision

GBM takes a holistic approach to mitigate security risks by focusing on people, processes, and technology. From data governance and firewalls to protecting applications, on-premises, and in the cloud, GBM has the expertise in building the right security strategy for businesses. These covers predicting, preventing, detecting, and responding to every kind of risk.

Governments and regulators are also setting up formidable compliance requirements to protect their constituents and customers. Complying with these regulations requires dedication and intricate familiarity with the region, which is an added value to our customers.

Its comprehensive framework of services and solutions, integrating technologies from global security leaders, helps organisations implement industry best practices and face threats with confidence.

Over the last three decades, GBM has become the trusted advisor to regional organisations as they develop their cybersecurity programmes, and this expertise and the partnerships in place have allowed GBM to build an advanced end-to-end cybersecurity offering in the region.

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