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WalkMe and Deloitte New Zealand enter strategic alliance to bring digital adoption best practices to more New Zealand enterprises

WalkMe and Deloitte New Zealand enter strategic alliance to bring digital adoption best practices to more New Zealand enterprises

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WalkMe, a leading provider of digital adoption solutions, has announced it has entered into an alliance agreement with Deloitte New Zealand, a global leader in human capital and business transformation consulting.

Deloitte is investing in a team in New Zealand to make technology adoption solutions broadly available to clients across the region. Together, WalkMe and Deloitte will help these organisations realise the rapid results that Digital Transformation strategies can deliver through efficient, effective and sustained adoption of digital technologies.

Digital adoption is the process by which companies help ensure employees and customers are making the most effective use of their digital assets. With more than 35 million users in over 160 countries and 80% of the Fortune 10, WalkMe is the pioneer of DAP technologies.

As more organisations are realising the value that digital adoption strategies bring to their bottom lines, new programs and initiatives are emerging to harness their potential. According to WalkMe’s annual ‘State of Digital Adoption’ survey of nearly 1,500 business leaders, 34% of Digital Transformation projects in Australia and New Zealand fail to meet their goals.

The survey also found that enterprises plan to spend more than US$30 million addressing the inability to fully utilise digital tools in the next three years. Finding the right solution to these challenges will have a significant impact on both business goals and the digital employee experience.

“We are only scratching the surface of reimagining the way we work,” said Hamish Wilson, Partner, Deloitte New Zealand. “As the asynchronous workplace takes hold, businesses are starting to recognise the relationship between successful Digital Transformation and the ability for end-users to collaborate by leveraging new ways of working.”

“We’re looking forward to working with WalkMe, as the recognised market leader in digital adoption innovation, we know the alliance will provide our clients with enhanced solutions that provide clear return on investment, accelerate adoption of new technologies and support on-going transformation.”

Over the last decade, WalkMe has continued to deliver digital solutions at scale to help organisations across the world achieve their Digital Transformation goals by creating frictionless and elegant digital experiences that reduce complexity in the enterprise technology stack.

“Digital adoption platforms have emerged as the missing link between the promised value from technology investments and the actual ROI from an organisation’s digital investments,” said Jim Nairn, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, WalkMe.

“This expansion of our alliance with Deloitte will strengthen digital adoption and maximise the value from technology investments for more organisations to drive critical business outcomes.”

WalkMe and Deloitte look forward to improving the employee experience by making it easier to navigate systems and processes. The alliance is one of the many ways that both organisations will help clients manage change, particularly in relation to the adoption of technologies, allowing quicker returns on investment.

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