Channel chief: Jasim Al Awadi at du

Channel chief: Jasim Al Awadi at du

Jasim Al Awadi, Acting Chief ICT Officer, du

Jasim Al Awadi is committed to making du ICT the partner of choice as a master systems integrator for government, enterprises, and start-ups with its huge ecosystem of best of the breed partners, helping them migrate away from legacy systems.

Describe your current job role and business model?

Jasim plays a vital role in leading the ICT vision and strategy for du’s customers on their digital transformation journeys by powering end-to-end ICT solutions and services. Jasim is responsible for heading the team who develop beyond connectivity solutions that will allow the UAE and its communities to thrive and prosper in the new digital economy. Jasim collaborates closely with the ICT team to realise the technology vision of becoming a more mission-driven, performance-driven, and customer-centric organisation.

What are the strengths you bring to this role?

Jasim’s extensive experience in the technology industry allows him to lead a team of experts who are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that meet the evolving needs of du’s customers. He is dedicated to ensuring that du remains at the forefront of digital innovation and continues to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Jasim’s role involves staying up to date with the latest technological advancements and identifying opportunities to integrate them into their operations.

Please describe expectations and pain points of customers?

du ICT is committed to becoming the partner of choice as a master systems integrator for government, large enterprises, and start-ups with its huge ecosystem of best of the breed partners. One of the biggest challenges is moving away from legacy set-ups to digital organisations so they can keep pace with the current digitalisation needs to maintain their competitive edge.

Which technologies can make a difference to customers?

Optimum network performance is an important key for enabling digital transformation in various industrial sectors. Therefore, du is pioneering 5G and network solutions as well as delivering best-in-class network infrastructure. du is exploring new ICT use cases to empower a digital transformation that will benefit various sectors within the UAE. This includes emerging technology solutions like IoT, blockchain, NFTs, AI, metaverse, data centre, multi-cloud, colocation, and digital security solutions to prevent cyber-attacks.

How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market?

Having an end-to-end solution will give a unique selling point and eliminate the need for multiple parties for the execution of any solution. Channel partners can differentiate themselves by providing customer service and support, offering customised solutions to meet specific client needs, and staying up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. By offering a comprehensive suite of products and services, a channel partner can create a one-stop-shop for clients, making it easier for them to access all the solutions they need.

How do you like to de-stress off work?

Work-life balance is crucial for being able to give your best effort at work, so Jasim makes sure to prioritise spending time with his family and engaging in physical activities to keep healthy. Jasim enjoy reading and practicing mindfulness techniques to help clear his mind and reduce stress levels.

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