Channel chief: Ali Nimer at Injazat
Ali Nimer, Chief Commercial Officer, Injazat

Channel chief: Ali Nimer at Injazat

Ali Nimer believes that disruption is about changing the way customers think about their business and their needs. To gain a leading position, a channel partner must become a collaborator and co-creator.

Describe your current job role and business model?

Ali recently joined the Injazat team as Chief Commercial Officer with the aim of strengthening tactical strategies and customer experiences. His focus is on amplifying voice of Injazat’s customers, enhancing their partner ecosystem, and boosting their digital transformation and smart city offerings. Injazat’s end-to-end digital solutions and platforms are tailored to what clients require, to help their businesses thrive.

How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market?

Injazat operates in an industry that is constantly shifting with the changing times. It is imperative that business models and structures also evolve to adapt to the demands of the customers in the industry.

Ali believes that disruption is not just about introducing new products or services, but about changing the way customers think about their business and their needs. To gain a leading competitive position, a channel partner must become a true collaborator and co-creator to provide solutions that go beyond what the customers expect. This is where a channel partner can make a difference.

Ali also thinks that channel partners must invest in research and development to bring innovative digital solutions to the market. Embracing new technologies and willingness to experiment with new business models is also extremely crucial. This could include moving to a subscription-based model, leveraging cloud technology, or partnering with other companies to provide comprehensive solutions.

By being open to change and staying ahead of industry trends, channel partners can effectively disrupt the regional market and gain a leading competitive position.

Which non-competitive business do you admire?

Ali admires technological solutions that cater to the healthcare and education industries. His favourites include businesses such as Fetchr, Dubbizle, and Anghami, as they have transformed the day-to-day processes. Other innovations he admires are the autonomous Abu Dhabi Taxis and buses available in Yas Island brought by DMT and powered by Bayanat.

Another recent one that Ali liked was the Hayya App, which was developed and used during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year. Visitors were able to connect their profiles with their hotels, air tickets, and football match tickets, which allowed users to easily access information enhancing the user experience and ensuring a safe event.

Which aspects of your job role are rewarding, which challenging?

Ali thinks there is a certain sense of accomplishment in positively impacting Injazat’s customers and helping them meet their business objectives. Ali is excited about the evolution of artificial intelligence and its capabilities. Ali is looking forward to new developments in this space. However, the greatest threat for clients comes from companies that do not even exist today.

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