VAST Data partners with Commvault to deliver tightly integrated data protection
Michael Wing, President at VAST Data

VAST Data partners with Commvault to deliver tightly integrated data protection

VAST Data, the data platform company for the AI era, in conjunction with Commvault, announced a new, significant investment in their strategic alliance as the two companies embark to deliver more tightly integrated data protection and security solutions to customers and partners.

The first milestone in this multistep initiative to integrate Commvault’s enterprise-class data protection software suite with the VAST Data Platform will be to deliver a co-engineered solution for the needs of the ransomware era, based on real-world customer deployments, intended to maximise the recovery of critical data assets protected by Commvault data protection software on VAST infrastructure.

Combining Commvault’s next generation active defence and automation data protection capabilities with the scale and performance of the VAST Data Platform, the two companies will provide a robust, highly scalable, and performant solution designed to help enterprise customers return to business following a data loss event like a ransomware attack.

“VAST has emerged as an industry trailblazer and Commvault is proud to have a strong technology and strategic alliance to enable customers to build cyber-resilient infrastructure with our co-designed scalable data protection solution,” said Alan Atkinson, Chief Partner Officer at Commvault.

“Through this partnership and our upcoming joint offering, we are helping solution and service providers and their customers to protect, secure, and ultimately recover their data at a much faster rate – keeping their business up and running, even in the wake of an attack.”

Together, this new validated design from VAST and Commvault will offer differentiated capabilities that help organisations keep data secure with built-in protocols that drive compliance, detection and monitoring to increase visibility and accelerate response times, and first-class recoverability to thwart data loss, restore quickly and maintain business continuity.

These capabilities include:

Rapid Restores

By architecting Commvault’s platform to take advantage of VAST’s all-flash read performance, this validated design will optimise instant recovery with a fast, space efficient, highly scalable system that removes data silos to safeguard data wherever it is across clouds, datacentres, SaaS apps, containers, and the edge.

Continuous Operations

With VAST’s unique ability to run production and backup workloads on the same cluster, Commvault can enable enterprises to instantly return their most critical applications and workloads to normal operations by eliminating the need to perform time-consuming restore processes.

Reduced Threats

Commvault and VAST’s secure, comprehensive data protection solutions leverage advanced security features like Commvault’s Metallic ThreatWise, multi-factor authentication, administrative workflows, Object Lock, and VAST’s Indestructible Snapshots.

With rich security integrations, real-time data infrastructure and security tools to accelerate incident response, automate countermeasures, and connect IT and security teams, Commvault and VAST are helping organisations to surface zero-day, unknown, and insider cyber threats, further mitigating exposure to bad actors and Ransomware attacks.

Flexible Economics

The consumption models within the upcoming jointly validated design allow customers to consume data protection as it suits their business – without compromise. This flexible model simplifies the procurement process for both customers and partners by detailing the bill of material required.

Combining Commvault deduplication and compression with VAST’s Similarity-based data reduction, the solution delivers network bandwidth reduction and superior storage savings to offer a cost point equivalent to HDD-based backup appliances, with over one hundred times better restore performance.

VAST and Commvault are already helping customers and partners like Expedient deliver an industry- service level agreement, SLA to its own customers, without the conventional expense associated with legacy infrastructure.

“This is a great step in our continued partnership with Commvault, bringing organisations a joint solution that provides protection and recovery from ransomware and cyber-attacks while optimising performance, cost, and efficiency,” said Michael Wing, President at VAST Data.

“Our customers and partners love our ability to recover data faster and at a lower TCO than their previous data protection solutions by reducing the amount of data stored, consolidating infrastructure, and helping them meet their sustainability goals – all while moving toward a future-proof, AI-ready data platform.”

VAST Data is the data platform software company business into the AI era. Accelerating time-to-insight for workload-intensive applications, the VAST data platform delivers scalable performance, radically simple data management and enhanced productivity. Launched in 2019, VAST is the fastest-growing data infrastructure startup in history.

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