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Cloudflare partners with Kyndryl to offer managed WAN-as-a-Service and Zero Trust

Cloudflare partners with Kyndryl to offer managed WAN-as-a-Service and Zero Trust

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Cloudflare and Kyndryl partner on modernising enterprise infrastructure with end-to-end services, bringing managed WAN-as-a-Service and Cloudflare Zero Trust for the entire corporate network

Cloudflare announced its partnership with Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, to help enterprises modernise and scale their corporate networks with managed WAN-as-a-Service and Cloudflare Zero Trust.

The partnership couples Kyndryl’s expert managed end-to-end networking services with Cloudflare’s robust technology platform to enable enterprises to streamline connectivity to multiple clouds at scale.

The demands of modern applications, data, services, and connect-from-anywhere workloads are of top importance for businesses, including enterprises with legacy network infrastructure. Yet, organisations are increasingly faced with patchworks of data overload, on-premises technologies, public cloud services, and outdated networks, all of which contribute to operational loss and security risks.

Kyndryl’s expertise in network services and protecting business-critical infrastructure, coupled with Cloudflare’s global cloud platform, presents a partnership that enables enterprises to leverage a fully managed Internet security, performance, and reliability solution. The partnership allows enterprises to quickly scale network capacity based on business needs while reducing costs and presenting cost predictability.

With the growing complexity of multi-cloud networking, Cloudflare and Kyndryl’s managed WAN-as-a-service allows organisations to convert all their resources to cloud-native solutions and retire expensive traditional hardware with confidence. Furthermore, the end-to-end network transformation services will deliver the industry’s most complete, Cloudflare Zero Trust security, and connectivity with remote access to enable organisations with centralised management, control, and visibility to their network infrastructure.

Cloudflare and Kyndryl are focused on helping customers:

Streamline multi-cloud and direct to Internet strategy and transition networks in confidence

Enterprises have moved data to the cloud and use SaaS applications but are leveraging hardware as their network. Cloudflare and Kyndryl have teamed up to deliver network services to the enterprise market. Cloudflare is the technology platform and Kyndryl is the services provider that will shepherd customers through this journey.

Reduce spend on private network links and appliances while saving IT teams from manual work

Provide enterprises with networking and edge security capabilities needed for flexible work environments, including reducing tech debt and legacy architecture. Kyndryl will advise and assist enterprises in managing their IT infrastructure as they evolve their networks and transfer workloads into Cloudflare’s platform.

Accelerate digital maturity and network modernisation

Flexible cloud networking expertise with managed WAN-as-a-Service enables networks to respond to evolving IT needs, equipped for needs and automatically for what’s ahead.

Extend network security to offices and data centres by replacing traditional WAN

Complete enterprise cybersecurity tackles risks and attacks from every location and vector.

“We have witnessed how enterprises are grappling with legacy hardware while introducing more and more cloud-based applications. As time goes on, this is only holding back business, limiting innovation potential, and increasing network security risk,” said Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

“As Cloudflare continues to expand on its end-to-end cloud solution, we turn to our partners to help deliver this full set of services at an even greater scale to our customers. Given Kyndryl’s industry- consulting and managed network services, there was a clear opportunity to partner to guide enterprises through their network transformations,” said Matt Harrell, Global Head of Channels and Alliances at Cloudflare.

“By bringing together Kyndryl’s proven track record with enterprises in managing solutions, and Cloudflare’s platform for delivering comprehensive cloud infrastructure, this combination creates what enterprises need to easily transform their network.”

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