Cartlow and E-city launch device exchange subscription programme across 16 stores

Cartlow and E-city launch device exchange subscription programme across 16 stores

Cartlow, the reverse logistics platform, has partnered with E-City, a multi-brand electronics retail group, to launch a new device subscription programme across 16 stores in the UAE. The programme aims to align with the UAE’s 2023 vision for sustainability by providing customers with affordable and convenient options to prolong the life cycle of their devices and reduce electronic waste.

In the device subscription programme, customers will constantly have the latest device by securing its exchange value for future use. This programme simplifies the process of keeping up with the latest technology by eliminating the need to sell or trade-in the current device.

All old devices collected through the programme undergo data sanitisation following international standards for IT Asset Disposal services. The programme adheres to circular economy principles, meaning that collected devices are either repaired, refurbished, or recycled to minimise waste and promote sustainability. This collaboration reflects Cartlow’s continuous commitment to minimising electronic waste and promoting a sustainable future.

The global mobile device subscription market is expected to reach $64.8 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24.8% from 2021 to 2026. These statistics demonstrate the growing popularity and importance of device subscription programs globally, particularly as consumers increasingly prioritise flexibility and access over ownership. The coming together of the two entities helps to address this growing trend, promoting a more responsible and eco-friendly approach to electronic device consumption in the UAE.

Cartlow has managed over 2 million products since its inception, resulting in a ground-breaking contribution to saving over 6 million kg of e-waste and 36 million kg of carbon emissions. The platform aims to further dominate the global reverse logistics market, which is projected to reach $958 billion in 2028.

Cartlow and E-City hope to encourage consumers to make environmentally responsible choices while also promoting new technology at an affordable price point through their agreement.

Cartlow is a reverse logistics platform in the MENA region. The company combines re-commerce with an efficient returns experience and advanced return management mechanisms, which unlocks the full potential and benefits of its end-to-end solution. This unique combination enables the company to offer a streamlined and sustainable solution to its partners and customers in the reverse logistics industry.

With its rigorous grading, testing, certification, and restoration processes, Cartlow ensures that all pre-loved and never used products sold on its recommerce platform meet high standards of quality and functionality, providing customers with the confidence to shop with ease.

Additionally, Cartlow’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible recycling practices, demonstrated through its international certification, ensures that the company plays an important role in reducing e-waste and carbon emissions. Cartlow has emerged as a player in the MENA region and is poised to become a major player in the global reverse logistics market.

Mohammad Sleiman, Founder and CEO of Cartlow, stated, “Our partnership with E-City is aligned with the UAE’s vision of sustainability for 2023, and we are delighted to contribute to this mission. As an advocate for reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste, we take pride in our efforts to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Together with E-City, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

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