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BTC partners with Infovista for optimisation of its mobile network

BTC partners with Infovista for optimisation of its mobile network

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Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) has partnered with Infovista, a global leader in Network Lifecycle Automation (NLA) and selected Infovista’s TEMS Pocket, TEMS Paragon, TEMS Discovery and Planet products for next-generation 4G and 5G mobile network planning, testing, optimisation and benchmarking.

BTC operates Botswana’s leading nationwide 4.5G/LTE-Advanced network, serving people and businesses throughout the country.

BTC selected Infovista to support the modernisation of its existing mobile network and optimise the planning of future 5G-ready network infrastructure. The solution, delivered by Infovista and complemented by Infovista’s partner MOZARK, will allow BTC to test, benchmark and optimise the performance delivered by its mobile network, helping ensure that subscribers using connected services such as BTC Smega mobile money enjoy the best possible quality of experience.

Planet, Infovista’s RF planning software and optimisation solution, will provide BTC with powerful and accurate planning and optimisation of its existing 4G and future 5G networks.

Infovista has collaborated with MOZARK, which specialises in enhancing digital experience quality, to address BTC’s crowdsourced data requirements. MOZARK’s network testing solution 5GMARK for Enterprise will gather data from BTC’s applications and network, to then be ingested and analysed by its data visualisation tool MAG-M. Synthetic testing, end-to-end automation and on-field infrastructure enable the report and diagnostic platform to monitor and identify failure points in any digital journey.

MOZARK’s crowdsourced data maps will assist BTC engineers in visualising network performance, informing decision-making around planning future network investments in Planet and highlighting areas that require drive testing with TEMS. Infovista’s TEMS product suite will provide powerful network testing and measurement, which BTC will use to increase the speed and accuracy of drive testing and benchmarking of its nationwide mobile network.

The combination of Infovista’s Planet and TEMS, combined with MOZARK’s 5GMark will equip BTC with a powerful solution to plan, design and optimise its existing 4G and future 5G networks.

“Planning, deploying and optimising a network in Botswana presents huge logistical and operational challenges,” said Peter Olyn, General Manager Technology at BTC. “As we prepare to deploy 5G, we are confident that the combination of Infovista’s planning and network testing solutions gives us the capabilities we need to seamlessly and cost-effectively deploy and enhance our 4.5G network and continue to deliver the best possible quality of experience to our customers.”

Infovista’s TEMS Network Testing Portfolio enables network optimisation of quality and application performance by measuring and benchmarking end-user experience. For network operators and regulators, TEMS delivers the ability to walk test, drive test and dynamically analyse service performance under real-life conditions-indoors, outdoors and around the clock.

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