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Artificial Solutions announces enterprise partnership with CGI

Artificial Solutions announces enterprise partnership with CGI

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Artificial Solutions, the leading specialist in Conversational AI (CAI), has announced a new partnership agreement with CGI, one of the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world.

The deal will see CGI use Artificial Solutions´ SaaS platform, to develop and deploy conversational solutions for public and private sector organizations throughout Europe.

“This partnership brings significant benefits to CGI and Artificial Solutions’ client base. CGI has been able to create and deploy highly intelligent conversational customer experiences for their customers thanks to the strong core consulting and technical skills they have in combination with the Teneo platform,” said Mykola Sochynskyi, Global Partner Manager for Artificial Solutions.

“CGI’s drive for excellence and high-security standards have already had a positive impact on our platform features.”

As an insight and data-driven organization, CGI is a leading provider of technology services around the world. Its ability to deliver complex, Digital Transformation initiatives that are both sustainable and scalable allows the group to be a leader across 21 vertical markets and in 400 international markets.

“As a systems integrator and innovator, the CGI team has found Artificial Solutions Teneo solution a flexible and fast way to deliver Conversational AI solutions that incorporate the disparate channels and backend systems in use at our clients,” said Adam Kobeissi, Vice President of Asset Finance for CGI in the UK. “It allows us to easily add intelligence to the automations we build and its component-connector architecture means we can leverage best-in-class technologies across the operational value-chain.”

“We’re delighted that CGI has chosen to use Teneo for developing conversational customer experiences. We’re confident that our technology is amongst the best in the world and that our team has created a platform which will support the long-term growth of our partners and their respective clients,” said Per Ottosson, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

Teneo is a SaaS platform that allows conversational design teams to create automated text or voice responses in order to support and communicate with users.

With 86 languages and a diverse range of integrations that allows users of the platform to work with the likes of WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram and a variety of existing CAI platforms, Teneo is amongst the leading technologies in the sector.

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