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Lightware named Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

Lightware named Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

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Lightware Visual Engineering, a manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the professional integrated systems market, has announced a partnership with Cisco to simplify meeting room control.

As a Cisco Solutions Plus partner, Lightware will provide a flexible, consistent and seamless user experience across room types. In addition, Lightware has a well-known presence within the live event space as the standard for concerts, arenas, and stadia.

Lightware has simplified the process of expanding, extending and controlling Cisco Webex Room devices by providing a pre-configured appliance. With Lightware, users can expand the number of inputs and outputs of a system, extend the connectivity over longer distances and empower the user to natively control the entire solution via the Cisco Touch10 and Webex Room Navigator.

“Cisco and Lightware engineers have been working together on a mission to simplify the user experience for the last several years,” said Steven Samson, Vice President, Lighware. “We are replacing legacy control systems with a solution that is configured, rather than programmed.”

Lightware and Cisco have created configured packages designed for small to large meeting spaces. Additionally, Lightware has created bring-your-own-device (BYOD) packages to add camera sharing capabilities. Lightware’s configurator software simplifies room customisation for many rooms at scale, while providing a consistent workflow for the end-user via Cisco Touch10 and Webex Room Navigator.

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