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Huawei achieves six Uptime Institute TIER-Ready Awards for prefabricated and modular data centres

Huawei achieves six Uptime Institute TIER-Ready Awards for prefabricated and modular data centres

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Huawei Technologies has announced that the company has received six Uptime Institute TIER-Ready design review awards. The TIER-Ready awards are intended to enable manufacturers of pre-fabricated and modular (PFM) data centre solutions to confirm the resilient design of their pre-built solutions and assure customers that these modular solutions will perform at the highest levels possible once installed. The awards are for six global Huawei Technologies models ranging from 150-kW to 600-kW models of outdoor prefabricated modular data centres.

In Huawei PFM solution, each module is designed, manufactured, fitted with all systems and tested before shipping to its final destination, thus drastically decreasing the project time-to-market and optimising customers’ return on investment. Once on-site, these modules are joined together to form a single data centre facility with technical and auxiliary rooms ready to support customers’ current business needs with the ability to grow horizontally or/and vertically (by stacking) as future needs require. Huawei’s PFM data centre has been ranked by the technology analyst firm, Omdia, as the number one supplier in the world for five consecutive years.

This high scalability and flexibility allows customers to build and grow to fit needs and requirements, thus decreasing their capital and operational expenditures. Moreover, each module is designed, built, tested and certified to sustain the harshest weather conditions (-40oC to 55oC ambient temperature), in addition to rain, sandstorm (Standard ingress protection IP55, upgradable to IP 65), fires (120 min resistance) and earthquakes (up to 9 Degree Mercalli Scale).

The TIER III-Ready designs awarded by Uptime Institute, uses the PFM solution as the backbone to provide six different deployment scenarios for IT load ranging from 150 to 600 KW with an average rack density of 6KW. These designs also cover all other structural, civil, architectural, power, cooling, safety, security and monitoring systems needed to support smart facilities. This will cut short the design and Tier III Certification time during delivery, decreasing the project time-to-market. Additionally, the combination of highly efficient power and cooling equipment, aisle containment and smart monitoring ensures high efficiency and a lower operational expenditure.

To help speed the Uptime Institute Tier Certification process for Huawei end customers, Huawei will now provide its customers access to Uptime Institute and the Tier Certification of Constructed Facilities award for the purchased units directly.

“The Uptime Institute Tier-Ready program is an excellent solution for prefabricated and modular data centres, allowing us to quickly deliver modules and ensure performance for our customers,” said Jeff de Sousa, SVP Business development Middle East, Huawei Technologies. “The Edge allows us to help customers reduce latency for real-time applications and achieve the needed scale for data-intensive workloads.”

Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards are the industry’s most trusted benchmark for data centre performance and reliability. Based on performance objectives and behaviours, Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the latest industry trends and innovations. PFM data centres are excellent examples of the macro application of these TIER Standard design principles. During the development phase of any PFM data centre, Uptime Institute consultants review 100% of the design document against the Tier objective requirements and identify any areas to be addressed to meet the goals. This process yields a final PFM design which conforms to the Tier Standard of Topology at the chosen level.

“Huawei understands the value of the TIER-Ready review program, which confirms the resilient design of its reliable and environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor data centre solutions that support rapid deployment and flexibility,” said Mustapha Louni, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa, Uptime Institute. “The Uptime Institute TIER-Ready program simplifies the next step to Tier Certification for prefabricated and modular data centres, reducing time and cost and enables further differentiation with the TIER-Ready achievement.”

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