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Editor’s Question: How have you continued with enablement/training during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Editor’s Question: How have you continued with enablement/training during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Shane Grennan, Channel Director- Middle East at Fortinet explains how Fortinet has continued its training programmes during the pandemic.

Organisations have had to quickly adapt their network to support their workforce transitioning from their traditional on-premises work environment to remote telework. To maintain Business Continuity, IT teams are strained with ensuring everyone in their organisation is securely set up to remotely access critical resources and applications on the corporate network. In parallel, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the unprecedented increase in remote access of sensitive information and data by searching for security gaps and shifting attack strategies to target teleworker environments.

To help develop timely security skill, Fortinet has leveraged curriculum from its NSE Institute’s training and certification programme to offer 24 advanced security courses for free to help IT professionals expand their cybersecurity knowledge and address new risks. As part of the programme’s free training catalogue, we have provided foundational cyber awareness courses for anyone through levels NSE 1 and NSE 2. In addition, the FortiGate Essentials training was added as an additional course for anyone interested in learning how to use firewall policies, user authentication, routing and SSL VPN.

In addition, we have expanded our NSE Training Institute’s free training offerings with the introduction of the Information Security Awareness and Training service. Indeed, CISOs and executives also need to increase their employees’ cyber awareness to ensure employees can identify threats and not fall victim to attackers. To help organisations address this, Fortinet has offered a free Information Security Awareness and Training service that has been developed by some of the best cybersecurity training experts in the world. The training component of the service consists of five self-paced mandatory modules that are focused on key attack vectors and best practices. Each of the modules end with a quiz to test mastery of content. A library of awareness resources including posters, email templates, checklists and others helps to ensure that cybersecurity best practices are always top of mind. The administrator dashboard allows the organisation to keep track of employee completion progress, ensuring compliance with company policies. This turnkey service ensures employees are equipped with the knowledge necessary to avoid phishing, baiting, tech support scams and other social engineering attacks that commonly jeopardise organisations’ security posture.

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Training Institute was established in 2015 to advance Fortinet’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to close the cybersecurity skills gap and make it easier for anyone to start a career in cybersecurity, regardless of their previous access to education, background or life experiences. The NSE Training Institute is made up of the Security Academy Programme, Certification Programme and Veterans Programme.

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