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RWL Group and Mulder-Hardenberg enter into strategic partnership

RWL Group and Mulder-Hardenberg enter into strategic partnership

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RWL Group and Mulder-Hardenberg have signed a strategic partnership aimed at the European market for data centre and telecom facilities. “Both RWL and Mulder-Hardenberg have been active in these markets for years and with great success,” said Robert Walsh, Managing Director of RWL Group. “Together we think we can serve the European market even better,” said Mark Landeweer, Chairman of Mulder-Hardenberg.

“RWL Group is well-known for building data centre and telecom facilities in the UK and Ireland. In recent years, we have also focused strongly on the European market. We were able to work closely with Mulder-Hardenberg on several of these projects. We have been impressed by its knowledge and expertise when it comes to the technical infrastructure of data centres and telecom facilities and the connectivity solutions that the company develops for its customers. We particularly noticed how Mulder-Hardenberg has frequently been able to develop special tailor-made solutions for customers. In our view, this makes this collaboration very strong,” said Robert Walsh of RWL.

“Based just outside of Amsterdam, Mulder-Hardenberg has been active in the European data centre and telecom markets for decades, particularly in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Belgium,” said Chris Laarman, CEO of Mulder-Hardenberg. “One of our business units has a focus on connectivity and other solutions for applications in manufacturing, control rooms, maritime and naval solutions and the like. These customers often need a different solution than you can supply off-the-shelf. Mulder-Hardenberg regularly develops tailor-made solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of customers. We do this for manufacturing or control room applications, but also very much in the data centre and telecom markets.”

The Dublin-based RWL Group has built many large data centres and telecom facilities in Europe in recent years. Walsh said: “We are convinced that with our experience and expertise we are also very capable of building medium-sized and smaller facilities. That is precisely why I am so excited about working with Mulder-Hardenberg. Together we can realise all types of data centre and telecom projects – from hyperscalers and other large facilities to modest server rooms to solutions for the Edge. And now all these facilities can be based on either standard and off-the-shelf products and services or on specially designed tailor-made solutions.”

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