Matrix42 enables patients on COVID-19 wards to stay in touch with family and friends

Matrix42 enables patients on COVID-19 wards to stay in touch with family and friends

Matrix42, a leading workspace management company, headquartered in Germany, demonstrated its solidarity with health workers on duty during the Coronavirus crisis and its support of patients with donations to hospitals that established early COVID-19 units in recent months.

The company donated considerable software licensing to ensure the setup, management and security of devices provided to patients in intensive care.

The donations were made to a number of healthcare facilities in Lombardy, the epicentre of the first Coronavirus outbreak in Italy: Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, the Valle Olona and Melegnano ASSTs (regional healthcare institutions), Multimedica, and the San Matteo IRCCS (research hospital) in Pavia.

Roberto Casetta, Vice President of Global Sales at Matrix42, was directly involved in the donations and explains how the company was able to offer its support: “Many organisations, institutions, associations and entrepreneurs donated medical or IT equipment. Of which, there were a great number of reconditioned tablets with no pre-loaded applications. Matrix42 deployed its technology on the devices, installing applications and configuring them for video calls so that patients in intensive care could contact their families. Such patients are often admitted urgently to hospital and don’t have time to bring much with them, often arriving with no means of video communication. Once inside the COVID-19 unit, they are quarantined with no contact to the outside world. These mobile devices thus provide them with their only link to family and friends.”

The donations were made through one of Matrix42’s partners, the INIX Group, which installed the Matrix42 Silverback MDM solution and configured the devices.

Matrix42 Silverback facilitates remote Mobile Device Management (MDM) for devices such as tablets and smartphones. It transforms these devices into fully functional mobile workspaces in order to increase productivity, supporting user-friendly self-service functions and reducing response times and implementation requirements. By entering a one-time password, the user has access to preconfigured applications and can use them immediately.

In this way, Matrix42 has shown its solidarity not just with the patients who are finally able to get in touch with their families online and fully independently, but also with the personnel involved in running the hospitals. “Giving patients their own devices, already set up for making video calls and suitably protected, has kept physical contact between staff and COVID-19 sufferers to a minimum. This has reduced workloads and stress levels and enabled doctors and paramedics to focus only on tasks essential for recovery. Offering patients ‘technological independence’ thus had an additional positive outcome by reducing contact that is not essential for treatment.”

Doctor Orsi, Head of Information Systems at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, said: “Being able to set up the devices remotely facilitated the management of the mobile terminals once inside intensive care. Silverback helped us to configure and oversee the devices without needing to recall it periodically to the workshop. As well as being quick to implement and simple to run, the solution allowed us to give patients devices that enabled them to reach the outside world. We will undoubtedly continue to adopt this solution even after the current crisis has passed.”

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