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Palmira Software House: Delivering seamless integration

Palmira Software House: Delivering seamless integration

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Palmira Software House is a long-term regional partner of Software AG that works closely with the global solutions provider to deliver successful projects. Here Jamal Al Mahamid, CEO Palmira Software House, tells us about the relationship between the two organisations, helping clients build their eco-systems and the latest eye-catching projects.

Palmira has grown substantially in the last five years in the market, working with its long-term partner Software AG it has helped the global solutions provider deliver projects successfully.

Highlights of its recent activities include the introduction of its state-of-the-art solution METRIXPLUS which is fully integrated with Software AG products, ARIS and ALFABET

And it has been honoured by Smart Dubai – taking on the role of implementing iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) for the Dubai Government.

“Palmira Software House is honoured to be the implementer of the iPaaS technology that will accelerate Dubai’s Paperless 2021 strategy through the deployment, thereby reiterating Dubai’s vision as the frontrunner for worldwide excellence in public services,” said Al Mahamid.

“This is the most challenging project for us to date. Our collaboration promises seamless implementation and supports real-time integration with the goal of minimal disruption, providing citizens with an enhanced overall experience supported on this robust platform for the Dubai Government.  Naturally, we are excited to play a key role in this strategic initiative.”

Here he tells us more about these two projects and how the company works with Software AG.

How would you describe what you do?

Although the market likes to call us the integrators, we like to call ourselves ‘the digital enablers’. We help our clients build their eco-system through four main elements. The Digital Transformation starts with us firstly planning where we help clients to blueprint their organisation and see their current status and how they want to be in the future.

The second phase is to realise your digital plan; plan is realised by automating processes or integrating different systems. Once systems are in place, they will generate data, that will be used for Machine Learning and thirdly, accelerate performance with AI and RPAs. The fourth and last element is the monitoring phase that enables decision makers to monitor and take action faster.

So, Palmira is about ‘plan, realise, accelerate and monitor’ and we use Software AG and others to build and deliver solutions in the market.

So what you are doing is taking Software AG’s products and implementing it in the market for customers?

Palmira is the Regional Premier Partner of Software AG. We use Software AG products, because we believe in their products. They are highly ranked by Gartner, Forester and many others. We have a very strategic and strong partnership with Software AG.

We are pioneers in delivering Software AG products to the market, this includes ARIS for process management, ALFABET for Enterprise Architecture and webMethods for integration and automations. We delivered very successful projects in the Middle East and Europe. We work closely with several government and private entities in the UAE, Jordan and Portugal, this includes telco and banking sectors.

Palmira has grown substantially in the last five years in the market, and we joined forces with reputable names and partners in the region and globally, one is Findmore Digital in Portugal, the exclusive partner of Software AG in Portugal, and CreativePath in Jordan. We are one group. Our resource hubs are located in Europe and Jordan.

The complexity yet the variety of projects that we delivered as a group give us the edge to deliver excellence for the Digital Transformation to the region.

We are currently innovating new products in the top Software AG platform, introducing our Management Operational Solution, MetrixPlus. We also build our accelerators to deliver Software AG products with high quality, standards that are faster to the market.

Software AG products have two main elements from what I can see. The first one is that they help you blueprint your organisation so you can see your organisation’s status now and you can visualise it in the future. The second is to realise your plan by automating (using their BPMS) and integrating (ESB and API Management).

What makes the products of Software AG unique?

The freedom. Freedom as a Service is the strategy of Software AG. It literally means the customer has the freedom of choice. You can have Software AG products on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Many other companies are moving a lot towards cloud but Software AG is committed to both on-prem and cloud. Palmira fully adopts this strategy and also offers services as freedom of choice by matching the clients’ requirements with the right products and expertise.

Software AG offers SaaS in the market but again they are investing heavily to always master the services they provide on cloud and on-prem at the same time. So, this is why that makes a lot of sense to companies and government organisations in this region because they prefer on-prem or hybrid, but not fully on cloud. Maybe in time that will change but Software AG supports both so this makes sense for this market.

The second point is related to the highly ranked products by Gartner and Forester, Software AG is leader in almost every product it offers.

In the Middle East region which are your biggest markets?

We have offices in four cities (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Lisbon) that help us to directly act in UAE, Jordan and Europe. Our biggest market is UAE so far. We started delivering services in Saudi indirectly through partners there. In terms of numbers, in the last 20 months we closed about 14 deals for Software AG, including UAE and Jordan. We have a big presence in Portugal where we deliver to different European entities and they are quite big for Software AG and us.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We have introduced a state-of-the-art solution, METRIXPLUS that is fully integrated with Software AG products, ARIS and ALFABET. MetrixPlus will deliver excellence in the world of performance management, it manages performance and automates management processes from strategic-planning-to-execute. This solution is AI enabled to help predict indicators and detect defaults. It also offers the full cycle of management review.

MetrixPlus was launched at GITEX and recognised by Software AG with an award for being an innovative solution.

Secondly, we are being honoured by Smart Dubai to implement the iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) for the Dubai Government. This project will enable different government entities to integrate using one single platform from Software AG. We are pleased to serve honourable and strategic goals that save the environment by going paperless and increase people happiness by providing fully integrated services and even easier customer journeys. This project is a one of its kind that will serve Smart Dubai to accelerate the implementation of the Dubai Digital Transformation.

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