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VIVA announces nationwide 5G service with Huawei in Kuwait

VIVA announces nationwide 5G service with Huawei in Kuwait

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VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, has announced the establishment of a 5G innovation centre, with the aim to explore, develop and launch new 5G use cases in Kuwait by 2019.

Currently VIVA is already in action to rollout a nationwide 5G network with over 1000 5G NR sites supported by a massive device ecosystem of more than 100K devices including 5G CPEs, setting the benchmark as one of the largest 5G commercial rollouts in the world up to date.

The 5G innovation centre comes to enforce VIVA’s 5G business strategy execution and will open the door for new business models such as ultra-broadband, IoT, Smart City services, and position VIVA as the undisputed leader in the 5G era.

Eng. Zarrar Khan, VIVA’s CTO, said: “Two months back, VIVA celebrated its 10th year anniversary, the growth we witnessed in the past represents an amazing success story. We provided best in class Telco services to our customers, invested in latest cutting-edge technologies and boosted Kuwait’s leadership in the ICT era.

“Moving forward, we intend to position VIVA as the first operator in the world to deliver true 5G NR experience, with the planned nationwide coverage, our clients will have access to 5G networks and experience new services.

“The establishment of the 5G innovation centre will help us to drive digitalisation across vertical sectors, Industries from telemedicine to Smart Cities to public safety will thrive with the support of 5G infrastructure. The networks will enable new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately uplift the standard of living across Kuwait.”

VIVA Kuwait chose Huawei as a strategic partner to support its 5G rollout, leveraging Huawei’s 5G leadership and E2E Ecosystem. Over the past 10 years, VIVA and Huawei collaborated to deliver successful 3G/4G services, this 5G move reflect VIVA’s confidence and trust in Huawei’s capabilities.

5G is the next generation wireless network, enabling new 5G use cases to emerge and transform the way we live, with its ultra-high capacity, services such as VR/AR, 4K/8K video live streaming will provide immersive experiences, critical communication use cases including driverless cars and drones will revolutionise the transportation industry, sensors, machines and smart devices will be all connected bringing the Smart City dream into reality.

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