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R&M solution simplifies data centre connectivity

R&M solution simplifies data centre connectivity

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R&M has unveiled its new OM5 fibre solution in the Middle East in a bid to simplify network infrastructure while accommodating the increased demand for bandwidth. The vendor’s lime green OM5 solutions support duplex transmission up to future 200G requirements, thereby eliminating all the cabling complexity associated with MPO polarity management.

Internal data centre traffic is expected to grow 80 per cent over the next three years, which places new strains on networks that are now at risk of becoming bandwidth bottlenecks. To prepare for upcoming traffic, data centre professionals must plan to support increased bandwidth by implementing optical fibre that enables simplified network transformation. “25G and 100G Ethernet has already become mainstream in data centres, and the industry is now working on the next-generation standard which is 200G. As cabling is replaced far less frequently than active network components, we want to enable our customers to secure their data centre investments for the long term,” explained Alfred Tharwat, Head of Training & Data Centre consultancy, R&M Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

The new OM5 solution enables 40G and 100G on an LC-duplex and offers customers the ability to further increase capacity to 200G per fibre in the future. It is available with R&M’s innovative push-pull LC-QR patch cords that boast the smallest cable diameter cable and this minimises the cabling bulk. As per specifications of the OM5 standard, the solution supports all legacy applications as well as OM4, and is fully compatible and intermateable with both OM3 and OM4 cabling. The solution also integrates with R&M’s Netscale, which is the industry’s highest-density fibre cable management solution.

“After having set the benchmark in fibre network density, manageability and visibility, we are out to simplify network cabling with our lime green OM5 solution. It enables sending four wavelengths over a single multimode fibre, and is of course available with R&M’s innovative push-pull LC-QR patch cords,” concluded Dr Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre for R&M.

R&M OM5 will be available in the Middle East in April through the vendor’s extensive list of qualified reseller and implementation partners.

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