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Avaya launches ACE-Fx Part II training certification programme

Avaya launches ACE-Fx Part II training certification programme

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Maan Al-Shakarchi, Head of Networking AMEA and APAC, Avaya.

Avaya announced it is extending its Avaya Certified Expert-Fx programme to further drive skills and training in the latest SDN-Fx fabric-based networking technologies. The ACE-Fx Part II curriculum will focus on the advanced techniques required to implement Avaya’s fabric solutions that are underpinning digital strategies for organisations globally.

ACE-Fx II was announced at the Avaya ENGAGE event in Dubai.

As companies look to implement digital transformation strategies and leverage technology trends like the Internet of Things IoT, cloud computing and mobility, organisations struggle to find workers with the required skills to implement these technologies safely and securely. Lack of skills and resources was cited by 53% of organisations as one of the biggest barriers to implementing digital transformation projects, according to research by IDC.

The ACE-Fx programme was created to bridge this skills gap between traditional, hardware-intensive networking technologies and next-generation, software-defined fabric-based networking. It enables engineers and IT professionals to deliver the transformational networking capabilities provided by the innovative Avaya SDN Fx architecture.

Avaya SDN Fx provides a complete next-generation networking solution that delivers, now, on the promise of SDN, allowing for connect anything, anywhere simplicity to more easily add devices and users at the network edge. SDN Fx enables advanced strategies for smart architectures and the IoT. It eliminates the tradeoff between security and complexity by automating the onboarding and access of devices, users, switches and servers to make protecting and managing every-where access effortless.

With the extraordinary exponential growth Avaya’s SDN Fx architecture has witnessed in the last 24 months, ACE-Fx II builds on the progressive structure of the ACE-Fx programme, which is structured to provide a continuous journey for networking professionals to develop their career and enhance their skills on an ongoing basis. Since the programme was launched last year, over 450 networking professionals have become members of the ACE-Fx community, with the training being successfully delivered in 50 cities worldwide.

The extended programme allows individuals to deepen their knowledge and experience of advanced networking technologies under the Avaya SDN Fx umbrella, covering Fabric Connect, Fabric Extend and Fabric Attach, as well as advanced integration of IP Multicast and IP Routing. The intensive five-day training programme includes designing and implementing an Avaya Fabric solution including Fabric Extend and Fabric Attach technologies.

ACE-Fx II also recognises existing network industry certifications from other entities, allowing networking professionals to directly enter the ACE-Fx class without reinvesting in other Avaya courses.

Avaya is continually expanding and refining the ACE-Fx programme, with the company introducing virtual training for Part I and Part II training. Professionals who successfully complete the courses become members of the Ace-Fx community, which allows them to attend Avaya industry events, and receive additional support and resources from Avaya.

“Today we are seeing unprecedented demand for networking connectivity, driven by key technology trends including digital transformation, the Internet of Things and smart infrastructures. This is driving the need for the next-generation networking skills that are required to leverage these technologies securely and reliably. Networking professionals need a training and certification programme that will grow with them and enable them to stay ahead of the digital curve. By expanding the ACE-Fx certification programme Avaya is continuing to help our customers and partners achieve their digital objectives,” said Maan Al-Shakarchi, Head of Networking AMEA and APAC, Avaya.

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