Job well done, more ahead

Job well done, more ahead

Vivian Gevers is Managing Director at Credence Security.

Vivian Gevers joined Credence Security, a specialty cyber security distribution company, as Managing Director in 2013. Her job role includes business strategy development, customer acquisition, business operations, partner engagements and human capital acquisition and development. Getting the opportunity to lead Credence Security in the region by building the business and the team, has been the high point in her career and work life.

“Building the business to what it is today, is definitely something I am very proud of. That being said, I am not about to rest on my laurels,” she explains.

Her biggest challenge at work is acquisition, development and retention of talented people. Add to that the additional constraint of working in the IT security industry with its global shortage of resources and often it is competition for the same pool of people.

With so much emphasis on having the right set of skilled resources on board and then retaining them, Vivian feels an empowerment and enablement management style is the right approach. For Credence Security, the ability to attract top quality talent, while providing them the freedom to innovate and grow internally, is its primary differentiator.

Vivian selected a role in technology as a career because she finds it invigorating and motivating. “This appealed to my sense of adventure and appreciation for tackling challenges.” She expects Internet of Things to the hot technology of 2017.

As a married executive at work with a three-year old daughter, it is important for Vivian to maintain a work-life balance. At work, she is all about work and at home the flip focus is on herself and her family.

Working in the IT industry, traditionally a man’s world, has never bothered Vivian

Vivian also encourages her team at work to follow the same principle, since a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle directly reflects in their performance and temperament.

Her stress busters outside work include time-off in the gym, quality time with her daughter, and travelling out of Dubai on extended weekends. “This affords me the opportunity to just completely switch off and recharge my batteries.”

Working in the IT industry, traditionally a man’s world, has never bothered Vivian. In the Middle East, the gender-gap under-representation is even more so, especially at senior positions. But Vivian has always been well received by vendors, partners or customers, and looks at the gender gap more as a challenge to be relished.

Across UAE and Dubai, Vivian feels the government is encouraging women with several high-profile placements as well as in ministries. “I believe this change will be a positive influence for young women to join the workplace and eventually create a more balanced environment.”

As a successful IT executive, head of a business, and working mother, this is what Vivian has to say to aspiring young women. “Be fearless and expect nothing less than the best from yourself. Invest in your education and training.”

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