Atio now Sub-Saharan partner for Infoblox

Atio, a specialist provider of ICT solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, announced that the company has been signed up as an authorised and accredited partner for Africa by Infoblox. The first-connection impression is that important moment when a subscriber first connects into the network and instantly judges its safety, reliability, and speed. Suspicious application activity, an inaccessible favorite web site, or slow response results in calls into customer care or subscribers questioning loyalty to their current service provider.

Infoblox technology enables the crucial IP connection between the subscriber and his digital world. Infoblox solutions provide actionable network intelligence, carrier-grade security, high availability, and ultra-low latency that helps create a better first-connection impression for subscribers and greater cost efficiency, visibility, insight, and manageability for service providers, while supporting a smooth transition to NFV.

Security is one of the top criteria for choosing service providers. Unsecured devices put network assets at risk, and dissatisfied subscribers can damage a trusted, valuable brand and reputation.

Infoblox Secure DNS Caching provides cost-efficient control, improved subscriber experience, and protection from a range of DNS attacks and malicious domains. Secure DNS Caching protects subscribers from growing malware threats, service disruption, and slow response through use of global threat intelligence and automated protection packages.

The solution maintains critical DNS service availability in rapidly evolving networks, growing traffic, and even during a malicious DDoS attack. The advanced caching functions ensure that the best and most used responses are always available for subscribers.

Atio provides unified communications and contact centre technology, mobile network design and optimisation services, customer experience measurement, IP and application performance and security solutions.

“We are excited to be a part of the Infoblox ecosystem. Our mission is to improve the quality and security of communications in Africa. Network landscapes are rapidly evolving, driven by trends in security, virtualisation, cloud, SDN, IPv6 adoption, and the Internet of Things. These demands require advanced solutions for managing DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, critical network services collectively known as DDI,” said Tim Courtenay, Managing Director of ATIO telecoms.

“Infoblox products deliver mission-critical network services, which includes automating complex network control functions to reduce costs, increasing overall security, maximising uptime and much more. With the prolific growth of device technology and the greater need for compliance, organisations have found it imperative to invest in robust network and security infrastructures. With Infoblox now part of our portfolio, we are well placed to cater to this need,” he continued.

Rene Bosman, Manager Infoblox Africa says, “We are very proud to be working with ATIO and have them as a valuable channel partner in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company brings tremendous value to Infoblox in different verticals, but especially in the service provider segment. In a service provider’s network, it is all about the subscribers’ quality of experience. A poor experience leads to customers moving to competition. ATIO’s knowledge and expertise in the service provider industry as well as capabilities of conducting assurance and performance benchmarking assessments on networks, adds real value to Infoblox solutions.”

“In nearly half of today’s enterprise and service provider networks there is evidence of DNS Tunneling, a significant security threat that indicates active malware or ongoing data exfiltration within those networks. In partnering with ATIO, we believe we have a partner that can not only identify those threats, but also mitigate and stop them,” says Bosman.

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