STME launches Veritas-NetApp archival solution
Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME.

STME launches Veritas-NetApp archival solution

STME launched an integrated solution from two vendors, Veritas and NetApp. The bundle, based on Veritas Enterprise Vault in conjunction with NetApp FAS storage arrays, combines solutions from both vendors to provide clients with an archival solution.

According to STME, the combined Veritas and NetApp bundle is a customisable archiving solution for customers from any industry. It works as a drop-in system for existing IT environments as well as new deployments. By bundling archiving licenses and physical storage together, the bundle helps reduce overall information management costs.

The combined solution automates many labour-intensive data management tasks, including data de-duplication within archives, policy-based archiving of leading information sources, as well as enabling end user access to archived emails and files.

Archiving solutions improve many areas of data protection and IT operations. For example, by archiving stale data from primary applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint or Windows-based file servers, the storage footprint of these applications can be reduced, improving both backup and recovery performance. In addition, by using archiving, and not backup, for long-term information retention, organisations can optimise data protection strategies. For example, transitioning from keeping backups forever to shorter retention tailored to meet recovery point and time objectives.

“Archiving is the ideal tool for protecting, organising, and searching data, helping to meet compliance and eDiscovery requirements. The combined Veritas and NetApp solution complements an organisation’s existing backup implementation. Archives are for discovery, while backups are for recovery,” said Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO, STME.


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