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OMA Emirates invests in Morocco based Business Rules Solutions

OMA Emirates invests in Morocco based Business Rules Solutions

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Niranj Sangal OMA

OMA Emirates, a provider of technology for the payment industry, announced its investment in Morocco based Business Rules Solutions, an IT consulting firm that specialises in software development in advanced fields. The move supports OMA Emirate’s global expansions plans and will now have a stronger presence in the North African markets. It will also provide a base for research and development projects that will enhance the overall offerings of the company.

Business Rules Solutions, which began operations in 2005, offers payments solutions, network monitoring and barcodes for asset management. The services it provides include software development, systems integration as well as IT consultancy. The company has developed several home grown solutions and has made in-roads into the banking and finance and government sectors.

“OMA Emirates has been steadily expanding its business into multiple markets. The business opportunities that are available in North Africa within the payments solutions are immense. While we have a long history of providing these services in the Middle East, Business Rules Solutions has been at the forefront of developing specific payment system products in Morocco. The synergy that we have with Business Rules Solutions is one of the prime reasons for our investment in the company. It will be a catalyst for our reach into North Africa as well as strengthen our overall suite of payments solutions,” said Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates – Solutions Gulf.

Business Rules Solutions has developed its own solutions which include EasyATM, an advanced ATM monitoring solution based on the XFS technology along with a latest ATM controller application that monitors all XFS based ATM terminals. It collects information from all XFS based peripherals which are used for diagnosing and troubleshooting. It increases ATM uptime in a proactive manner by accelerating problem resolution and predictive maintenance. XFS monitoring ensures support for multi-vendor environment with real time monitoring and remote management features.

Business Rules Solutions also brings to the table its EasyReconcile which is a reconciliation application that gives the financial institution easy recon with different payment providers and schemes with a click of a button, as the process is now automated rather than collated manually and makes financial audits much easier. The G-Inv from Business Rules Solutions is an inventory and asset management solution that can be helpful in tagging company assets that a company requires in the current business environment.

“BRS has expertise in the technology domain and is known for its specialisation in developing well researched payments system products and solutions at lower costs. This has enabled our business growth and provided us opportunities to address the needs of the banking as well as government sectors. The association with OMA Emirates now as a business investor provides us greater prospects to larger markets as well as financial backing to continue our efforts in our research and development department,” said El Habib Alouah, Managing Director, North Africa.

With Morocco operations now in place, OMA Emirates is all set to address the needs of the North African market with Business Rules Solutions as the regional office. The local presence paves the way for OMA Emirates to begin services in French speaking countries and North African markets thus provide sales and support functionalities to our clients.

“Our investment in BRS as a majority stake holder strengthens our Morocco operations and will help focus on our expansion plans in North Africa and will provide us the platform to have BRS as our research and development centre. Our tie-up has also initiated the development of several new products such as mobile banking and core banking modules,” Sangal added.

Over the last few years OMA Emirates has made inroads into new territories with full fledged offices in Oman, Qatar, India and Bangladesh and Serbia. The Morocco operations will add to the growth of the company as well as market expansion. The Business Rules Solutions investment strengthens the company’s aim to develop home-grown solutions that will address specific customer requirements.

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