GITEX TALKS Value creation in a digital world

By Arun Shankar   22 September, 2017
GITEX TALKS Value creation in a digital world

Ian Khan, TEDx Speaker, Author and Technology Futurist.


Ian Khan will talk about challenges brands face in building value and how to apply the 7 Axioms of Value Creation.


Ian Khan will be speaking about the technology transformation that some of the world’s largest and most successful brands have undergone. Today digital transformation has many faces. This includes building new processes through technology, transforming older processes into new ones and even retiring some. What any kind of digital strategy encompasses is the change from a manually managed, legacy work environment to that of automation.

The retail industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. Technology is giving rise to a new way in which consumers now shop. Any retail company that wants to succeed has to address the needs of a customer base that has probably reviewed the product online, virtually tried it, and also may have experienced some of it. Secondary to these are the areas of competitiveness, product availability customer shopping experience, after sales and service experience with the brand. Technology is playing a key role in shaping these experiences and the keynote will help attendees understand some of the challenges and opportunities within the sector.

Key takeaways

Leading the way to the era of the fourth industrial revolution, today’s time and age is a critical path towards maneuvering and positioning for the right spot in the future. How do companies then stay at the forefront of being part of this technology era and at the same time make themselves relevant to their rapidly changing workforce? How should organizations position themselves so that customer loyalty rises to the top and also customers become your best advocates? All this while also making sure that you generate a profit. These and many other questions are what are keeping the C-level awake at night.

The talk will cover the current state of the technology era, trends that will shape the future and how we can accomplish the task of successfully pivoting towards the 4.0 era. Key takeaways will include the 7 Axioms of Value Creation to help the audience understand the next steps towards success. The 7 Axioms help create meaningful conversations at every level and form a code of success in the 4.0 era.

Relevance to Middle East

The Middle East today is a fast-growing region with a tremendous potential to be a key part of a technology based global future. The United Arab Emirate has taken a number of bold decisions and initiatives in this regard and is fast heading in a direction of a fully technology enabled region. Some of these initiatives include, 3D printing, cloud, AI and Blockchain to name a few. Dubai, as an example, has an aggressive target to become an all Blockchain powered digital government by 2020, while other private and government entities are seeking an increased technology enablement.

Technology as an enabler of positive results is a change that needs careful thought and planning as resources are costly and the challenge of running an efficient project or initiative could run in millions. The talk will help bring years of experience into the region to decision makers who really want to be involved in creating positive change. This will help decision makers understand the 7 Point strategy for building a Value Creation based system.

Relevance to Africa

Africa is at the crossroads of a rapidly changing economic state and a fast-changing technology scene. As foreign investment trickles into the region, there is also a small yet steady growth of emerging technology startups. The recommendation to African leaders is to learn about the 7 Axioms of Value Creation through workshops or talks and understand Value Creation that can help surpass expectations for results and goals.

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