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Cybersecurity in Smart Cities for data and urban infrastructure protection

Guilherme Araújo, Director of Services, Blockbit, explains how large metropolises rely on a secure network infrastructure to properly function with diverse devices and systems, from surveillance cameras and automated traffic lights to traffic management systems. As cities progress in the implementation of technologies to become smart and more efficient, the issue of cybersecurity becomes increasingly […]

The benefits of Big Data for businesses

Sandra Maura, CEO of TOPMIND, explains that companies increasingly rely on information and data to drive business growth and achieve success. With the advancement of technology and the growing amount of available data, Big Data has become a valuable tool. Companies increasingly rely on information and data to drive business growth and success. With the […]

The power of Generative AI and lessons learned

Brian Ramsey, VP of Sales for Xalient, recounts his firsthand experience at Zenith Live in Las Vegas. This event brought together a diverse audience, including security architects, CIOs and CTOs. It was great to be both a sponsor and a participant at Zenith Live in Las Vegas recently. Attended by security architects, CIOs and CTOs, […]

How to prevent cyberattacks via backdoor

Lucas Pereira, Director of Products at Blockbit, tells us that backdoor attacks can often be even more concerning than other types of invasions. Advanced methods of bypassing authentication or encryption in computer systems and devices are causing a sharp increase in cyberattacks on companies. Backdoor invasions are currently the most common threats. This is a […]

How Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and ChatGPT can optimize the healthcare sector

Sandra Maura, CEO of TOPMIND, tells us that Artificial Intelligence tools can streamline processes in the healthcare field, help save costs and empower patients, transforming the operation of hospitals and the delivery of services. The chatbot is already a reality in the customer service of many companies and constantly becomes more present in the most […]

João Marques dos Santos, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Cloud, Oracle Latin America 

João Marques dos Santos, as Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Cloud in Oracle Latin America, has a vision of the industry that inspires people to consider how to improve the ITC market.   Can you describe your current role and the somewhat challenging parts?  My role is related to managing the entire ecosystem and strategic […]

Helping customers optimize and secure Digital Transformation

Brian Ramsey, Vice President of Sales, Americas, Xalient, explains how embracing a trusted managed service partner enables companies to implement the necessary critical technologies at a lower cost.  Rewind a couple of years and enterprises were heavily focused on acquiring new tech to drive forward their digitization plans. Then, when the pandemic struck, organizations were […]

Automation to manage financial services IT infrastructure in the multi-cloud era

Adilson Pereira, Regional Sales Director for the Financial Market, Dynatrace, discusses the recent acceleration and transformation in the IT departments of banks and insurers regarding the cloud. According to him, the complexity of the process increases and makes it necessary for IT teams to adopt a more sustainable approach to achieve positive results. For most […]

Evolving workspaces and mobility as a key factor in creating the optimal hybrid model

Alan Ni, Senior Director, Edge Marketing, Aruba, tells us what CIOs should consider when creating the best hybrid workspace and experience for the future. As has already been widely reported, the pandemic caused a great shift in our working patterns and in the workplace – prompting organizations to reconsider the office space and the enterprise […]

Cloud solutions for CIOs: What to consider before making a decision

With an increasing number of businesses adopting cloud solutions to store and manage their data, it is of paramount importance that CIOs possess the knowledge and expertise required to choose the most suitable solution for their businesses. Mark Bowen, Editorial Director of Lynchpin Media, sheds light on the most crucial factors that CIOs must consider […]

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