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User Identity Theft: Primary strategy of digital criminals in 2024

Thiago N. Felippe, CEO of Aiqon, tells us how Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) can help limit the threats posed by identity theft. In the age of cloud computing and full remote access, identity is the ultimate perimeter. Gone is the locally configured perimeter – for example, the network of an organization’s headquarters. In […]

SonicWall rewards its partners and distributors in Latin America with annual partner awards

Latin American partners stand out globally due to their excellence in cybersecurity. SonicWall, a global leader in cybersecurity, has recognized partners and distributors from Latin America at its annual SonicWall Partner Awards. These companies have been distinguished for their continued excellence in protecting customers in a complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. The awards recognize SonicWall […]

Messer Gases Brasil advances into the Zero Trust era with support from Delfia

Messer Gases is a German industrial gas manufacturer producing industrial, medical and specialty gases for various sectors. Its focus on security extends to its IT department, which utilizes the Zscaler platform to align the access of third-party collaborators with the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) concept. Each access is evaluated based on the zero-trust principle. […]

Milliseconds in delay in response to a cyberattack can be fatal for businesses

Agnaldo Cyrillo, Executive of Sales at Lumu in Brazil, and Eder Souza, Director of Technology and Operations at e-Safer, emphasize the need for faster action to detect and respond to any types of threats against data systems of organizations. In an increasingly digital world, cyberattacks are becoming more common and sophisticated, with criminals more capable […]

Nozomi Networks delivers industry’s first Multi-Spectrum Wireless Security Sensor for global OT and IoT environments

Guardian Air advances modern threat detection and remediation by empowering the Nozomi Networks Platform to extend network visibility, detection and response from the endpoint to the air. Nozomi Networks, the leader in OT and IoT security, have introduced Guardian Air, the industry’s only wireless spectrum sensor purpose-built for OT and IoT environments worldwide.  With 80% of […]

Challenges and priorities in healthcare cybersecurity: protecting lives and data in a digital world

Brazil-based Guilherme Araújo, who serves as the Services Director at Blockbit, outlines the key challenges and priorities within the realm of healthcare cybersecurity. The Digital Revolution in healthcare has brought numerous advantages, such as more precise diagnoses, more effective treatments and greater accessibility to medical services. However, this transformation has also generated a growing concern: […]

BeyondTrust presents 2024 channel predictions

Experts from BeyondTrust, a global leader in intelligent identity and access security, present their predictions for the channel in 2024. 2023 was a year of opportunities and complexities for channels. New (and not-so-new) technologies continued to create opportunities around Digital Transformation, while global economic uncertainty brought with it the threat of recession, rising interest rates […]

Top technology trends predicted for Colombian companies

Ivaldo Pereira, General Manager of TOTVS Andina, tells us what the top five technology trends will be for Colombian companies in 2024. In the changing world of technology, keeping up with the latest trends is key to success. This not only helps companies be more efficient but also allows them to capitalize on new opportunities. […]

SonicWall’s vision for a cybersecure Latin America: Embracing service-based cybersecurity solutions

We asked Thiago Sapia, Regional Director of SonicWall Brazil, how the activity of channels in the IT market is evolving across Latin America and what trends are driving these changes? Here is his response. Thiago Sapia, Regional Director of SonicWall Brazil Our region’s digital economy is advancing relentlessly. Regrettably, there are cases where business digitalization […]

BeyondTrust shares five key steps to combat information theft in companies

Key actions to prevent attacks include: monitoring employee activity, eliminating unnecessary accounts and having updated antivirus. In daily operations, companies must face potential information thefts, which can originate both from external hackers and their own employees, the latter being referred to as an internal threat. Internal threats arise when an individual acts as a risk […]

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