Paessler Latin America achieves historic growth and outlines channel strategy

Paessler Latin America achieves historic growth and outlines channel strategy

David Montoya, Global Director of IoT Business Development at Paessler, outlines the progress made by the company in Latin America and its channel strategy moving forward.

Paessler AG, a global leader in monitoring software, renowned for its Paessler PRTG platform, has reported that 2023 was a year of significant achievement in acquiring new clients, with a 62% growth across the Latin America region compared to 2022.

David Montoya, Global Director of IoT Business Development at Paessler, commented: “2023 was a year of historic growth for Latin America. The market continued to embrace monitoring as a critical area in business continuity, and we believe it will remain on this path in the years to come. Additionally, our team has consistently grown to provide better service to our customers, and we have been able to position Latin America as the fourth highest-selling sub-region globally, following the US, the German-speaking region and the UK.”

In 2023, Paessler’s offering expanded from a single product with different versions of PRTG to a total of six products: four complementary to PRTG and one independent product focused on the enterprise market: Qbilon.

“Paessler’s offering has expanded like never before,” said Montoya.

The goal is to provide more and better functionality to companies of all sizes – from SMEs to corporations – to access IT, OT and IoT monitoring, and for enterprise customers to have automatic mapping of resources encapsulated in solution architectures, both on-premise and in the cloud.

The company has highlighted three factors centered on 2023:

(1) Paessler’s team in Latin America grew by 100%, thanks to the positive market response, offering better possibilities for excellent service, both for customers and the distribution channel.

(2) Paessler continues to form high-level alliances with key players in the sectors it participates in. Last year, it consolidated its alliance with Siemens, the German industrial automation giant, to provide joint support to customers needing to bridge the gap between IT and OT.

(3) It continued to increase its presence in the manufacturing industrial sector through continuous and professional monitoring of OT operational networks and the connected industrial automation devices.

In terms of market verticals, a novelty in 2023 is that Paessler began focusing specifically on clients in the aerospace sector, including airlines and airports. The work with them included consulting and a better understanding of the main challenges faced in their daily operations.

“Sales in this vertical in the Latin America region grew by 250%,” highlights Montoya.

The consolidation of the channel ecosystem continued last year.

“We sponsored and participated in joint events with our integrators for their end users and technology fairs,” he said. “We also sponsored training events for new integrators focusing on smart technologies, together with our wholesale distributor.”

Strategy for 2024: Supporting companies’ ESG journey

In 2024, the goal is to grow by 25% compared to what was achieved in 2023. The LATAM and Brazil teams will continue to work on disseminating the advantages of monitoring performed with a multiprotocol platform like PRTG. “This also means using technology to reduce humanity’s impact on resource usage, contributing to reducing global warming,” said Montoya.

The company has established its vision for 2030. Corporate and product strategies contribute to achieving the 2030 directive: as a monitoring company, along with customers, contribute to reducing humanity’s resource consumption.

“Paessler is strongly committed to sustainability and the ESG journey of organizations,” said Montoya.

As a monitoring tool, PRTG helps control resource usage such as electricity or gas emissions – through connection to meters, preservation of historical data, generation of dashboards and alerts.

The platform features other tools, such as the PRTG OPC UA Server, which assists companies with industrial plants and OT environments in bridging the gap between IT and OT technologies to help make operations more efficient, both in manufacturing and other industries – such as oil and gas, mining, wastewater treatment, electricity companies and others. All of these have environmental impacts, and therefore, the platform aims to help reduce this impact through data collection and analysis of their operations.

New graphical interface

PRTG will have a new graphical interface, a new version of the API to share data with third-party systems, and changes in the design of its database to improve the capacity for detailed reporting.

“All these changes will bring a more pleasant experience to our users, as well as allowing PRTG to play a more central role in the IT and OT infrastructures of our customers, by expanding the possibilities of data sharing with other systems,” said Montoya.

From the IT side, the Latin America team will focus on verticals such as data centers, telecommunications, government, banking and education. In the OT segment, the focus will be on manufacturing, utilities (electricity, drinking water and sewage), the healthcare sector, airports, and oil and gas. Each vertical will receive a very focused approach to the sector’s needs, to facilitate understanding of the benefits that monitoring can bring them.

The executive also pointed out the channel strategy for 2024.

“There will be a lot of training for our sales channels in all Latin American countries,” he said. “We will work hand in hand with our wholesale distributors to expand the reach of our channels to territories where we do not have such a strong presence, launching campaigns so that channels can certify themselves as technical specialists, implementation engineers and training centers.”

In Montoya’s vision, 2024 will be a year that consolidates the work of recent years in the region, inaugurating a new level of expansion.

“With a larger and consolidated team in Latin America, and a broader product range, the company is ready to continue growing in the monitoring and data visualization market, both in the enterprise segment and in small and medium-sized enterprises,” he said. The goal is to continue helping organizations benefit from proactive, comprehensive and unified monitoring. This makes their operations more efficient and reduces the time to identify and resolve downtime in their IT, OT and IoT environments.

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