Método Engenharia invests in cloud to streamline tasks and enhance employee productivity

Método Engenharia invests in cloud to streamline tasks and enhance employee productivity

Método Engenharia leverages Microsoft 365 to revolutionize team efficiency and streamline operations, setting a remarkable example of the transformative power of cloud technology.

Método Engenharia is harnessing Microsoft 365 (M365) to boost the performance of its teams. Through Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, the company has successfully unified communication among employees and automated previously manual processes, leading to enhanced team performance.

Método is a company specializing in integrated engineering, construction and maintenance solutions for high-complexity projects. The company faced the challenge of ensuring process agility and establishing a secure video conferencing channel, especially with the rise of remote work.

Marcelo Moreno de Araujo, Infrastructure Coordinator at Método Engenharia, explains how the organization addressed these challenges with a single solution, M365. “With Teams, for instance, we were able to centralize communication among employees and increase information security, customizing management by departments,” he commented.

The solution implemented at Método Engenharia, with the support of Claranet, a Microsoft partner for managed services, cybersecurity and cloud implementation, includes Office 365 applications, intelligent cloud services and advanced security.

This suite of features facilitated the digitalization of operations and the adoption of a consistent interface across the entire team, resulting in performance gains such as improved communication among employees, heightened information security and enhanced departmental management efficiency.

According to Araujo, in addition to Teams, Power Platform, a Microsoft tool for data analysis, app development and process automation, played a crucial role in automating manual activities, expanding the potential reach of departments, streamlining internal processes and empowering employees.

Besides benefiting the teams, the company achieved new heights in other significant operational tasks.

“Our business model demands dynamism and well-established processes. A practical example is setting up construction sites, which are established, moved and deactivated in a short timeframe. With technology, we achieved even greater agility and alignment among all employees, along with cost reductions,” adds Moreno de Araujo.

For Andrea Liberman, Director of Small and Medium Business at Microsoft Brazil, Método Engenharia is an exemplar of how the cloud can enhance team performance and optimize existing processes.

“Cloud-based tools like Microsoft 365 offer countless possibilities for companies to continually improve business results. The focus of this solution is team productivity, where technology enables agile communication,” she concludes.

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