Furukawa speeds up network installation in Amazonas city

Furukawa speeds up network installation in Amazonas city

Manaquiri, a municipality with around 33,000 inhabitants located 156 kilometers from Manaus, is the first in the Amazon region to have a fully built FTTH network using Furukawa’s pre-connectorized solution. 

The innovation is from RV Connect, an Internet provider with headquarters in Manaus, which has been expanding its operations to other cities in the region and, at the end of January, inaugurated a network and a store in Manaquiri to serve customers interested in its broadband service.

Rogério Viana, Director, RV Connect, says that to bring connectivity from Manaus, the company invested in deploying a 53-kilometer fiber optic backbone.

Viana said: “Once we completed the backbone, we used Furukawa’s pre-connectorized solution for installing the external network, which was very quick, easy and required less physical effort, as no field splicing is necessary. In just 12 days, we cabled the entire city with only two technicians trained by Furukawa.” 

According to Viana, with the conventional solution used in the market, this work takes 20 to 25 days. The Director highlights Furukawa’s support as an essential differentiator of the project. Based on RV’s requirements, the company’s engineering team designed the pre-project for the FTTH network for Manaquiri, initially serving one hundred customers.

All the materials for the external network – such as cables, termination boxes and accessories – were provided by Furukawa, which also trained RV’s technical team through an in-person course on best practices.

Viana concluded: “All of this contributed to a great implementation experience. In addition to the speed of installation, the fact that it requires less labor and even less expertise makes the pre-connectorized solution ideal for use in regions with limited access to technical resources and tools.” 

The Furukawa pre-connected solution is plug-and-play and fully connectorized at the factory. In addition to providing greater agility in deploying optical access networks, the product eliminates the need for specialized labor and a large installation team. In general, deploying the access network can be up to five times faster than conventional optical solutions.

About Furukawa Electric Latin America

Furukawa Electric Latin America, part of the Japanese group Furukawa Electric, is a leader in complete communication and power network infrastructure solutions. It has industrial units in Curitiba, Paraná, Sorocaba, São Paulo and Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais. The company also has optical cable factories in Berazategui, Argentina, Palmira, Colombia and Mexicali, Mexico.

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