Vectra announces Global Managed Detection and Response Services for enterprises and channel partners

Vectra announces Global Managed Detection and Response Services for enterprises and channel partners

Vectra AI, a vendor in security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response, announced Vectra MDR global managed detection and response, MDR services and programme. Vectra MDR delivers cybersecurity skills needed to detect, investigate, and respond to threats where Vectra MDR analysts and customer security analysts work together inside the Vectra Threat Detection and Response platform to hunt, detect, prioritise, investigate, and respond to attacks in progress.

Whether customers choose to augment or outsource their security operations to channer partners, Vectra’s shared responsibility model ensures constant communication and collaboration between Vectra MDR analysts and customer analysts.

Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President Products at Vectra

As attack entry points go beyond traditional networks and endpoints and into public clouds, SaaS applications and identities, security teams are challenged with defending an ever-expanding hybrid cloud attack surface. More evasive attackers and overwhelming security alert noise add to the challenge as attackers find new ways to infiltrate and progress inside an organisation unnoticed. Vectra MDR harnesses Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence to automate threat detection, triage and prioritisation for SOC teams thus reducing alert noise, false positives and analyst burnout.

With Vectra MDR services powered by Attack Signal Intelligence, customer security teams have complete visibility and context for how an attack progresses through the cyber kill chain — ultimately stopping them from becoming breaches.

Vectra MDR Services empowers security teams in the following areas:

  • 24x7x365 eyes-on-glass service with expertise in cloud, threat intelligence, and playbook design to proactively detect, prioritise, investigate and stop attacks.
  • Vectra MDR is a security team multiplier adding analysts to your team with expertise and insights gained from hundreds of customer environments. Experience recurring meetings where our security experts discuss customer specific and global trends, security posture, and events in your network.
  • Advice on best practices for integrating Vectra into existing workflows and processes while ensuring deployments are always in tip-top shape and collecting the right data to provide the coverage needed.

“With the scale and sophistication of cyberthreats on the rise, security teams are burdened with overwhelming alert noise and inadequate threat signals while attempting to defend expanding hybrid cloud attack surfaces,” said Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Products at Vectra.

“Vectra MDR provides security teams with the resources they need to stop attacks 24x7x365 whether they just need our security analyst expertise to augment their security operations teams or to completely outsource detection and response. Vectra MDR along with Attack Signal Intelligence gives security teams both the threat signal needed to stop attacks and the resources and expertise required to stay ahead of attacks in today’s security operations centres.”

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